22. Figure In The Moonlight

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"Am I allowed to tell you my dying wish?" Five asks.


Elisa presses the knife deeper into his skin. A cut is already visible.

"I really want to know your name. It won't hurt t-"

"Elisa." She sighs.

"See that didn't hurt, did it?" Five asks cockily. "Elisa, I'd hate you, but I can't. Not many can defeat me, and here you are."

Hate me for as long as you want, and then admit that you love me.

Immediately, Elisa presses even deeper.

Five tenses. He stops breathing, afraid that he'll kill himself if he allows air to fill his lungs.

Even if it's for a second, admit that you love me.

A drop of blood glides down Five's neck, and Elisa's eyes follow it. Her lips part, and when the tear disappears underneath Five's shirt, she looks up at him again.

Full of confusion, Five watches her eyes that are upon him. He doesn't understand her hesitation.

Elisa can kill. She's never been more ready to kill, but yet . . . she can't. Her hand starts to shake when she realizes so. Her sight becomes blurry. Soon, a single tear wets her cheek.

Of course Five notices this. He follows the tear glide down her skin.

This, Elisa notices. But she doesn't react. Her eyes stay on him. His eyes. His hair. This is him. If she presses harder, then she'll kill the man she loves. The man who would've once done everything for her, just as she would've done for her.

She imagines her sinking the knife into his chest. She imagines his eyes on her, shocked. She imagines the blue in his eyes fading away. His blood on her. Her knife right through his heart.

If she continues, then she will live another life, yes, but is there any way to be sure that she'll be happy? No. In this life, Five gave her happiness. He gave her everything. He accepted her, and she accepted him. And yet, she's so eager to throw everything away.

Kill Five-it seems so ridiculous now. She could never kill him. Even though her knife is at his throat, she can't seem to go deeper. To give the last thrust.

"I hate you." Elisa sighs. "I hate you because I can't kill you."

She moves the knife a little further away from his throat, but it's still close enough that he doesn't dare to move.

"Why's that?" he asks her, curious.

Before he can react, Elisa aims for his jaw. The jaw to his chin works perfectly. Thanks to his sensitive brain, Five loses consciousness.

"I can't kill you because I love you." It comes in a whisper, but Elisa means it. She loves Five. Not this Five-her Five. And she hurt him. She broke him. She did that.

His body falls down like he is dead. He isn't. He's alive.

Elisa couldn't kill him.

A sob escapes her lips as she crumples to the ground. She releases the knife, and it falls on the ground next to her.


Startled, Elisa turns to look at the window again. A figure crawls through it.

"Who's there?" Elisa asks, her voice breaking.

The figure doesn't reply. Whoever it is hides in the shadows, using Elisa's trick.

"I'm in the moonlight, and you're not," Elisa remarks with a shaky voice. "It's not fair."

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