8. It's what he does

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Home is not an option.

Now that Five Hargreeves intends to kill her, Elisa can't go back to the apartment. She can't go to any friends, either. He's an assassin trained by the commission. Just like her. There they are trained to be the best. Actually, not to be the best. They are the best after they finish their training. And that means that he'll find out who her friends are soon enough.

She can't endanger them. She just can't.

Morgana is already in danger because Elisa. . . Because Elisa wasn't fast enough. It could even be that the handler found out about Elisa's new identity, and that she planned on hurting Morgana in order to hurt Elisa. That isn't likely, but it could be.

If she doesn't know Elisa's new identity and new life already, then she'll find out soon enough when Five tells her.

She should've kept her mouth. She shouldn't have told Five anything. Absolutely nothing.

But he knows now. He knows her now. He'll find out about her weaknesses soon enough, even her strengths. He'll know everything.

So no, she can't go back. She can't go back anywhere that she has been already. That means that she has to flee once again.

She needs to let go again. Elisa liked her new life. It was normal. She liked normal. But normal and her never last long. Apparently, it's a combination that does not fit. Not then. Not now. Not ever.

Elisa's hands shakily push on Jude's name on her phone's screen. The beeping sounds fill her ears afterwards. The last call she'll have with Jude until Elisa succeeds in getting Morgana back and until she does something about the assassin that's now hunting her.

"Sam?" Jude's voice sounds through the device.

"Hey." Elisa has to keep herself strong when tears are threatening to spill. "I need to talk to you, Jude."

"What's wrong?" Of course. Jude always knows when something is wrong. Through her childhood, Elisa has learnt how to hide her own feelings from everyone else. No one was able to read her. Not even Morgana could always see through. But Jude always could. She always knew when someone was feeling down, even if she didn't know that person. It's a cool ability, Elisa always thought fondly.

"Well," Elisa already trails of. "I'll be looking for Morgana. I won't be home at all. Could you make sure Francis gets enough food and water? Oh. And cuddles."

It stays quiet for a few seconds. It's obviously shocking news, but Elisa does hope that Jude saw it coming, even if it was a little bit.

"Wow," Jude lets out. "I- I suppose. Yes. But what if Morgana comes knocking on the apartment's door? Nobody will be there, Sam. You won't be there."

"That right," Elisa says. "I won't be there. But she won't knock. Someone has her, Jude, and I'm going to get her back."

"How long will you be gone?" Jude asks her friend in a shaky voice. She's very close to crying.

"I have no idea," Elisa admits, already feeling awful for her friend. "But I won't be back tomorrow. It might take just a few days, but it could easily become weeks. I have no idea."

Now it's coming; "What if you don't find her?"

"No," Elisa barks. "I will find her, Jude. I must. I'm going to do everything in my power."

Elisa means it. She is going back to the commission. Back to the place where she never wanted to set foot in again. All for Morgana.

There's no reason that Elisa can think of why Morgana is at the commission except for her being Elisa's girlfriend. It's all weird, though. The handler isn't one to hurt everyone you care about to hurt you. She's more the 'if you defy me, then I will kill you' type. It's all so messed up.

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