Extra Chapter - Five's pov

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Chapter 5


Five Hargreeves' point of view

There's too many people for me to stay unnoticed when I shoot. And there only come more and more.

I clench my jaw as I continue walking around the dancing bodies. It's not the champagne that I just drank that makes me want to puke. No, it's the many glances I'm getting from this young woman. She's been peeking at me ever since I entered this shithole. Her eyes practically fall out when she's watching me. And then I'm not even mentioning her drooling.

It's about time that I spot my target. I haven't seen him the whole evening. I'm not doubting that he'll come. I'm sure he will. But I'm doubting if I'll be able to actually kill him in time. There's too many people to notice him. Plus, the woman keeps attempting to distract me. It doesn't work of of course. No one can actually distract me. I'm too focussed.

He could be shooting any moment now, I realize. By him I mean Nic Lotus. A serial killer. Well, he'll be one if I don't stop him. And since I'm ordered to do exactly that, I'm forced to be here at this horrendous event. I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a job. I don't like the way everyone dresses to catch everyone's attention. I swear, they all are hoping to get a decent hookup tonight. Yes, even the married couples. Ridiculous.

Shaking my head softly, I head towards a corner that'll give me the best view I can get. The view that'll make sure I spot Nic before he can even attempt to even aim.

I don't even get to the fucking corner.

The woman who's been drooling over me waves at me, but I ignore it. Sure enough, she hops towards me, making me groan.

"Are you having a great time, sir?" she asks me as a teeth-showing smile forms onto her lips. I suppose she is pretty, yes. But I don't have time for her. I don't have time for anyone. I've got a job to do, and afterwards, I'll be out of here.

"I am." I force myself to greet her with a smile, but it's a very fake one. That's why it surprises me that she doesn't notice it. Or she just isn't willing to notice the lack of attraction I feel towards her. I think it's the last option.

"Would you like to talk over a drink?" she asks, sounding rather sour because I didn't ask her if she was having a great time. Well, no need to be sour. I don't want a hookup any time soon.

My eyes flicker to the diamond luster, finding this conversation super boring, and it makes me wonder why Nic chose—or will choose a gun. It truly was a dumb choice. Surely he could've killed more people by sabotaging that damn luster. It would simply smash on the ground, crushing everyone on the dance floor.

"Beautiful isn't it?" The woman raises her voice a little, wanting an answer this time.

I truly don't have time for her right now. But since I'm close enough to the corner, I suppose I can use her to assure a cover for me. Leaning against a table full of food that I haven't even really looked at, I look at her again. "Yes, beautiful."

But just as the words leave my lips, my eyes fall on a familiar face. A too familiar face. Samantha.

A snarl escapes my lips, and it shocks the young woman a little.

Immediately, I turn to her again, my eyes widening a little. "Excuse me for that." I try to shrug it off with a nervous, fake chuckle.

It doesn't take long until I'm watching the girl again. She's passing through the crowd. Yet, I notice that she doesn't even touch a soul. Her eyes are on me, too. I know that she isn't here by accident. She must've seen the flyers laying in the room I rented. I should've hidden them. I would've, if I knew that there'd be another assassin sneaking into my room.

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