18. Bloodshed

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Elisa doesn't know how Morgana will be killed. She doesn't want to know. She'll see soon enough.

Everyone is dressed and ready for war. They're ready to fight. It's crazy, Elisa thinks. Five's siblings thought everything was fine just a few hours ago. . . now they're preparing for battle. They're ready for battle, actually.

Klaus throws on a leather jacket, and it fits him. It looks ruthless, strong, but Elisa knows he isn't ruthless. He's kind and warm, and she's part of why he's ready to fight till death. Five's siblings might think they know what they're getting themselves into, but they don't. Not really. They're literally going at war with the commission, with he handler. That is a dangerous thing to do. No one dares to anger the handler. She's a dangerous woman. Elisa knows that all too well, and Five does, too. Now they're going to do exactly that; anger the handler.

Elisa is ready, though. She has prepared herself for what she's about to do. She's going to attempt and stop Morgana's death to happen-she has to try. If it doesn't work, then the person assigned to kill her can finish their mission.

She feels Five's eyes on her back as she grabs a knife herself. A knife, what a ridiculous weapon next to the cutlasses she used to train with. Elisa's fingers fold around the handle as she watches the shiny knife closely. Then she puts the tiny weapon in her jacket's pocket.

Hands place themselves on her shoulders. They squeeze her softly, attempting to reassure her. Then one hands free her shoulder and curls around her waist instead. Five presses her back against his chest.

"Are you sure? You can stay here-"

"Five," Elisa starts. "I'm sure."

A sigh is audible behind her, and Five turns her in his arms, so that she's forced to look at him. of course, she doesn't mind, but something in his eyes catches her attention. It feels as if he knows what's she's up to. He knows how broken she'd be if Morgana truly decided to fall. Would Morgana decide to die for the commission? Would she choose that above Elisa?

"I don't want it," Five whispers as he presses his lips against her forehead. "I don't want you to be in danger, Elisa."

"I'm going there," Elisa tells him. "If you want it or not."

Five's eyes squeeze themselves tightly closed. He knows he cannot stop her, and he hates that. She'll go, and he will do everything in his power to protect her.

"I'll survive," she whispers, laying both her palms flat against his chest. She can feel his heartbeat like this. A weak smile gets placed on her lips as she closes her eyes. Concentrating on his heartbeat, she tries to think of nothing else. It works. His heartbeat. Nothing else. At this moment it's all that matters to Elisa.

"I'll make sure you survive," Five then whispers. "I'll fight alongside you."

"I know," Elisa says, her vision starting to blur. Fresh tears fill her eyes. She knows he will.

"Until my last breath, I'll make sure you survive."

"Five, stop that."

"No." Five slowly shakes his head as his arms fold around Elisa's body in a protective manner. "I mean every word. I will fight until my last breath for you. Even after this battle. I will always protect you, my Elisa."

Slowly, Elisa reaches to touch Five's cheek with her hand. Just like he always does, he leans into his touch. His eyes are still closed when Elisa watches him carefully. She understands the need to protect. She feels it, too.

"I'm ready for what's about to come," Elisa tells him. "If I die, then so be it. I'm all right with that."

Five's eyes jerk open. His brows furrow, too. "I'm not."

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