4. Five Hargreeves

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If they asked Elisa if she would kill to save Morgana's life, then she would.

She wouldn't let herself doubt. She'd use a knife, or even one of the crossbows that she used to train with back at the commission. She'd use whatever weapon close.

Everything for Morgana.

That moto has brought herself here. In the apartment of the assassin that might have murdered her girlfriend.

She's breathing in his neck, making him tense even more. He places the almost empty glass on the table behind him, probably doubting if he might drop it.

Elisa is loving this. Loving how she knows that he's uncomfortable.

But this is absolutely nothing next to what's waiting for him. He just has to wait.

"Then who am I?" he asks, almost sounding amused. He's still trying to continue his act.

In a sudden move, he rises, leaving Elisa leaning on the chair that's now behind him. He doesn't face her again, though.

Probably recovering, Elisa thinks proudly.

Elise takes the glass in her hand and let's the last sip burn on her tongue. She doesn't know what it is, but whatever it is, it's good. Strong and good.

"You really should sit down while I tell you every detail about yourself," she suggests, making him turn around.

The boy doesn't look threatened. Actually, he's looking very calm. Calmer than when she was breathing in his neck, that's for sure.

"I don't take orders from you."

"That's right," Elisa looks in the empty glass in her hand, as if checking if it's empty. No, she's just preparing to make everything that will follow this exact moment more dramatic, thrilling and dangerous.

Elisa was never born ready for dangerous situations. She just created them.

As a little girl she wasn't allowed to play with toys, or even watch a series about fairies on the television. It were knives for her. Oh, let's not forget about the cutlasses, too. She prefers those above simple knives. Always has. Even as a child.

As a smirk forms onto her face, she frees her grip on the glass, letting it fall on the ground. It barsts. It breaks. Tiny fragments fly around in the room, making it a very dangerous territory.

"You only take orders from the handler."

It feels good to say it.

It feels even better when she watches his face change. He's shocked, clearly. This time, he does not even try to hide it. There's no point in doing so.

Elisa was right. She was right from the beginning. Shs always knew the fighting style well, so the chance of her being mistaken was minuscule.

The boy clenches his jaw, makes fists with his hands. She knows what he's planning, but stays where she is.

He starts to move, heading for her, of course. He doesn't mind the broken glass on the ground. The only thing he does mind right now is Elisa's presence.

His one hans takes one of her wirsts in a strong grip. The other one goes around her neck. He feels strong, inevitable even. But he is not.

It might have been a year but she's still trained to be a fighter. A warrior.

She can still breathe without a problem because he isn't trying to choke her. Only scare her. He wants to scare her enough so she starts talking.

If he only knew the truth.

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