14. Where To Start

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Elisa wakes up to a comfortable warmth. With a deep sigh, she slowly opens her eyes, but only to realize that she has no idea where she is.

She shakes her head, needing her vision to sharpen. Her eyes fall on the television on the other side of the room. Bit by bit images of yesterday fill her head.

Morgana is one of the commission's assassins now-and next to that, she's the cause of the apocalypse.

Elisa asked Five to join him on stopping the apocalypse. So that means that she'll have to stop Morgana.

She has gotten herself into a lot, but she doesn't have any other plans next to that. So saving the world it is.

"Coffee?" a familiar voice speaks up, and Elisa turns to look at Vanya. The woman is sitting at the table, drinking her own cup. For a moment Elisa doubts whether to ask for Five, but she stops herself. He's probably already crossing his finger in hope that Elisa will leave him to work on his own.

"Sure." Elisa forces her lips to curl up, remembering very well that Vanya wasn't fond of her. Well, she didn't shown any sign that she hated Elisa, but she also didn't really like her.

With the fresh energy, Elisa practically jumps out of the couch and walks towards the table. The welcoming smell of coffee changes the forced smile into a true one when she sits down next to Vanya.

"I'm sorry, Vanya." Elisa folds her hands around the warm cup. Vanya's head turns to Elisa, not paying attention to the delicious looking chocolate bun. She tilts her head, wondering why Elisa is apologizing.

"I didn't know where Five was bringing me," Elisa continues. "He brought me here. I do hope you don't hate me now for disturbing." Elisa half expects Vanya to let it out. After all, she showed that kind of attitude last night. So when Vanya's lips part a little before a chuckle sounds, she's surprised.

"I must say," Vanya starts. "I was surprised when Five took you here, indeed. Now, he told me that you know all about his history. So you should know, he was a mess when he returned. He told me some details, yes. But he was mostly cold-to everyone. I haven't seen him smile truly in a very long time." Vanya pauses to sigh before she says: "That's why I'm afraid."

"Afraid?" Elisa repeats, and Vanya nods. The chocolate bun lays there, but isn't being payed attention to. The coffee cups are standing there, too. Only Elisa's hands curl around one of them in order to heat up.

"I'm afraid that he'll be even more driven with his mission." Vanya shrugs shyly, showing how much she cares about her brother. "He's going to want to protect you, too."

"Oh, no." Elisa chuckles. "I volunteered. Plus, we're both trained to be assassins. We know the risks. And you're making it sound like he cares. . .deeply. When we're going to stop the end of the world from happening, I'll help him as his partner."

"His partner," Vanya whispers, trying to look through Elisa, trying to find out what's going on inside her head. "I'm afraid he's already trying to protect you. He asked me to change your mind about your plan to join him."

Elisa's jaw drops in surprise. "He did not!"

"Oh, he did," Vanya nods. "He wanted me to put some sense in your head."

"Unbelievable," Elisa mutters under her breath.

"That's my brother, Elisa. He protects."

"I can protect myself."

"I know. That is why I'm not going to do as he says. I want you to join my brother."

Elisa stays quiet, but does now sip from her coffee. Vanya's warm eyes stay on her.

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