34. Piece Of cake

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November 13th

Nothing dangerous or life-threatening happened, and Elisa is very glad for that. She has succeeded in keeping the monster inside of her for weeks. Yet, she can feel its power growing and growing. Or she's imagining it. Elisa does not know, but she doesn't want to find out, either. That's why she prefers the thought that she's imagining the darkness inside of her.

Life has been very calm at the Umbrella Academy. Well, that is if you don't count Klaus' crazy dance parties.

Still, this party—Elisa is sure—is going to be something entirely else. It must be, especially when Klaus has been shutting Elisa out of the living room for a whole week.

"I don't want to go." Elisa shakes her head, determined. But honestly, it makes Five chuckle.

"You're afraid of a party?" he asks, cocking his head to the side.

That is exactly why Elisa sends him an eat-shit glare. This—to her surprise—makes him laugh. Yes, actually laugh. Now that the handler isn't a threat anymore and the weight of the whole world isn't on his shoulders, Five has changed entirely. Elisa is loving it. He jokes and actually enjoys life. Elisa and him even found out they adored to do movie nights. Well, it might also be the fact that they snuggle up the entire time. This is their peace, their heaven. And absolutely everyone in the family can't get enough of this wholesome heaven.

"If I recall correctly"—Five points his finger at Elisa—"You enjoy Klaus' dance parties at two am in the morning."

"I did," Elisa admits, letting out a laugh afterwards. "But have you seen how he has been behaving lately?" Her smile fades, showing Five that she's completely serious now. "He's been so focused—I don't know what to think of it, really. I haven't been allowed in the living room, and he's been trying these crazy-ass methods of meditating. Klaus never meditates!" she rambles, throwing her arms all around her while doing so.

Rolling his eyes, Five reaches for Elisa her hand that is now in the air because of the very dramatic hand gestures of her. He intertwines their fingers, and pulls her up on her feet. "He wants your birthday party to be special," he tells her, his voice low as he continues pulling her towards him until she's against his chest.

Freeing her hand, Five's arm curls around her waist while his other hand brushes her bottom lip. When his eyes stay on her lips, it's no surprise that Elisa forgets all about her worries—well, almost.

"You're doing it." She narrows her eyes at him. "I'm so not oblivious to it."

"I'm doing what?" Five asks, sounding truly confused. His eyes widen a little, and he watches Elisa carefully, waiting for an explanation to whatever he apparently is doing.

But Elisa isn't having any of it. "I'm truly worried that he's going to sacrifice me." She groans loudly, lowering her head till her forehead is pressed against his chest. Feeling his heartbeat like this, relaxes her a little.

"A sacrifice?" Five lets out a laugh. "Oh, Elisa," he says, shaking his head slowly. Then he presses a kiss on top of her head.

"I don't know," Elisa says as she looks up again. Their eyes lock, and again, a part of Elisa her worries disappear. He truly has a weird effect on her. "What if he appears to be some witch now?"

"It's a birthday party, love." His fingers leave Elisa her lips to cup her face in an attempt to reassure her some more. "Klaus is not a witch, and he won't sacrifice you."

"Klaus would make a badass witch, though," Elisa remarks with a laugh.

To this, Five nods, also laughing. Both his arms curl around her waist now, and he lifts her up a little. "Let's get you downstairs," he murmurs in her ear, making sure that his own lips brush her earlobe. Of course, Elisa shivers a little, needing more of his touch.

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