13. Welcome On Board

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The ground underneath Elisa's feet is shaking. The buildings fall down one by one. Horrifying screams are heard everywhere. It doesn't stop. People are running, trying to flee whatever is happening. They don't know what's going on.

Elisa knows. She knows what this is.

The apocalypse.

The end of the world.

As a child, Elisa grew up fearing being killed. But that wasn't what scared her the most. Her powers did.

Elisa turns around and around. She doesn't pay attention to the running persons. No, others are handling that. Five and his siblings, actually. They're getting everyone to safety-wherever that is.

Sweat drips down from her forehead as Elisa starts to walk. Just now she realizes that she's shaking. And not only her hands. Her whole body is.

Then she looks up again, now noticing a figure standing just a few steps ahead of her. The evil smile on her lips and with her soft brown hair in a ponytail, Morgana stands there, watching Elisa.

"Continue." she orders Elisa with a triumphant smirk on her face.

A frown comes onto Elisa's forehead. Continue?

Elisa looks around, not wanting to see Morgana. Not after what just has happened at the commission. She doesn't want to remember Morgana as this evil version. She wants to remember the kind Morgana. The one that she fell in love with.

Her eyes fall on Vanya who's pushing a young boy forward, away from Elisa and Morgana.

Five is there, too. But he isn't helping anyone. No. His eyes are on Elisa herself. And they don't plan to leave anytime soon.

"It was you all along," he says, and even though he's standing so, so far away, Elisa can hear him very well.

"What?" Elisa tries to ask him, but he disappears. Everything around her disappears. It's all darkness now. It reminds her of her trainings at the commission. The times she was locked up to learn how it feels. The handler wanted her to get used to it; used to being locked up.

A scream leaves Elisa's lips. She wants to go. She doesn't want to be locked up. Not here. Not now.

"You were always meant for great things, my Elisa," the handler's voice sounds, but it leaves afterwards.

Elisa is alone in the darkness. No voices are heard, no other sounds except for her own sobs. But they become quieter with every breath she takes. Next to that, Elisa starts to fade, too. Just like everything else.

She fades just like the world faded away.

She disappears just like Five disappeared in front of her eyes.

Then there's only darkness. No sound. Not one figure. Only darkness.

That's when Elisa's eyes open.

"Elisa!" A voice fills her ears, making her let out another sob out out of relief.

"Five!" She cries, just now realizing that her cheeks were already wet. He's there, standing next to her. His eyes are on her and they're full of worry. His hair is even messier than it was when they were at the commission.

There's no sign that shows that he's an assassin. He looks normal. And Elisa forgets that he once was an enemy of hers. She lets him throw his arms around her. She allows him to comfort her.

He places himself next to her shaking body on the couch, and she's happy he does so. She's happy that she isn't alone.

"What was that?" There's still clear worry in his voice. His hands softly touches Elisa's upper-back while his other arm is now curling around her waist.

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