2. McCaul street

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The wind howls outside. The cat walks around restlessly in the room. Elisa turns and turns in bed.

The scene repeats itself in front of her eyes every single time she closes them. She knew it would. Her whole childhood she got dreams of her parents laying on the ground next to her, dead. Even now they still return once in a while. It's haunting.

Everything about Elisa's old life is, actually. It was full of training how to kill, training how to survive in the most horrible ways, time-travel, and more training how to kill. Nothing was even close to normal about it.

Oh, how many times she wished for a normal cup of tea in the morning. But she wasn't allowed to drink tea. The handler loathed tea. Whiskey was it for her. Of course, little Elisa wasn't allowed to drink the alcoholic substance. Coffee it was.

She had to be strong and awake.

She had to be an assassin.

Even though she was trained to be one, she never succeeded to truly be one. Fighting, oh, no one can win when she's focussed. Fighting isn't the problem. She's good at that. It's the killing part.

She. Cannot. Kill. A. Single. Person. Well, after her parents' death.

Elisa doesn't mind that she never could kill. It showed her a path that lead to this life. It opened a whole new world for her, and one that is normal.

Everything is normal now. The cat, Francis. Her girlfriend that doesn't suspect a thing about Elisa her past life. And the student room. It isn't big, but not small, either. It's mostly white, and full of paintings and drawings made by Morgana. Elisa loves it. She loves this life.

That's why she's so afraid to lose it.

Morgana's arm curls around Elisa's waist, making Elisa smile and even forget her worries for a minute while admiring the gorgeous girl next to her.

Morgana and her met not long after she fled. It was a rainy day, but not like earlier this evening, and Morgana was just out partying with her friends at a frat party. Elisa, not having had partied even once in her life, didn't even know what a frat party was back then, but saw a house full of people and lights, and had to go there.

It was an amazing evening and night. Elisa danced, got drunk for the very first time, and finally communicated with people her own age.

The sweaty bodies touched hers as she twirled around and around. She still remembers the evening and night vaguely, but does know that it was absolutely splendid. She felt free.

Morgana stumbled before her, ruining the only dress she possessed. Morgana felt so awful, kept apologizing.

"It's all right," Elisa had laughed it off, but Morgana wasn't having any of it. She was determined to make it up. That's why they went to a cosy café the next day.

Elisa didn't have much, almost nothing. She had to sneak in people's houses in order to steal clothes, other handy things, and to take baths and douches. It was far from a perfect life, but again, she felt more free than ever before.

With a stolen but fitting jeans and an old sweatshirt that she was never allowed to wear, Elisa met Morgana there. They had fun; they talked about Morgana's art, talked about the night before (about how they both didn't remember much), about all normal things.

It meant the world to both of them when they went on another rendez-vous. After that one, they saw each other more and more. Now they're renting a student room together. Now Elisa has to pretend like she wasn't trained to be a killer.

"Psshhh," A hand pushes Elisa aside in a playful way, waking her up. "I've got to go already."

"What?" Elisa groans, waking up fully immediately after hearing those words. "Why?"

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