30. Edward Or Jacob

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When in front of her apartment's door, Elisa freezes. She wouldn't have come here if she had another place apart from the umbrella academy. But she also doesn't feel up to wander around in houses of strangers, breaking in. Yet, how will she be able to stay here without Mor?

A rather loud meow is heard behind the door, and this makes Elisa chuckle softly. It's Francis. At least he's still here. Would he have missed her? Would he miss Mor?

A shuffling sound sounds, too, behind the door, making Elisa frown. That can't be Francis. When footsteps are audible, Elisa knows it can't be Francis. Someone is there. She clenches her jaw, and makes fists, ready to fight if necessary. It can't be the handler, she thinks sourly.

"Francis, don't do that!" a voice says, and Elisa her hands unfold again. In shock, she even takes a step backwards. Jude. It's Jude.

Not everything changed, Elisa thinks, smiling in relief. Not everything changed.

"The cat spills his water every single time." Lucas' voice sounds. "How long do you think it'll take 'til he realizes that spilling his shit water won't bring his two moms back? Damn it, cat."

"Stop complaining, Luc." Jude giggles. "Now, clean that up, will you?"

"Nope," he protests.

"Not even for me?"

"You know my soft spots," Lucas mumbles, making Jude giggle again.

Elisa her eyes widen. Some things did change between her friends, it seems.

This time, she doesn't doubt to open the door. It flies open, cracking softly. Jude, Lucas and Francis their heads immediately turn to look at Elisa, and Francis doesn't hesitate to hurry himself to his owner.

The sad smile on Elisa her lips grows as she bends through her knees to open her arms for him. He happily accepts this gesture and jumps up, resting his front paws on her knees. A purring sound comes, making Elisa actually sob. Oh, how she missed him.

"You're back," Jude whispers in astonishment. "Sam, you're back!" she repeats herself a little louder this time our of happiness. An enormous, happy smile lights up Jude her face even more. She stands up, leaving Francis his kibble for what it is.

Lucas, too, smiles. "We've missed you, Sam," he admits, standing up, too. "But Francis missed you even more." He points at the silly cat that is now smelling Elisa. His tail starts to wiggle, smelling the strange, new smells that come off Elisa.

"I'm back," Elisa whispers softly. It's hard to realize so, though. Being here without Mor seems so . . . lonely. And yet, Elisa is not alone. No, she's got Lucas, Jude and Francis here. Plus, David and Tess would be here, too, if Elisa asked them to come. They'd come immediately without ever knowing what Elisa has gone through. And Elisa can't tell them, either. They should never know. No, Elisa will spare them from such a horror story.

"I hear quite a lot has changed." Elisa smiles, taking Francis fully in her arms. For a moment, the cat protests, but he stops doing so quickly. He doesn't mind the weird smell anymore. His owner is back, and that's all what matters to him. "Between the two of you . . . I mean."

Immediately, Jude her face reddens. She doesn't dare to look at Lucas, but he nods loudly.

"You didn't expect that, did ya?" He laughs happily. "Believe me, I didn't, too. But it appears when one is falling, it's hard to get up. Especially for that one there." He points proudly at Jude, who's still very, very red.

"Oh, Sam." She hides her face behind her hands. "I wanted to tell you while drinking a cup of tea, or something! You didn't have to find out this way." This makes Elisa chuckle. It's strange to be called Sam again. She hasn't heard that name in a long time, and when she did . . . it was Mor who called her so.

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