12. His Plan

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The blue light is blinding, that's why Elisa squeezes her eyes shut. With Five's arm around her waist and Elisa's hands curled around his other arm, she hopes it'll be enough not to fall down in the blue light underneath the two.

It takes longer than she'd have thought. It takes longer than she wishes. That's why the fright inside of her grows every second that the blue light stays.

She presses her body closer to Five, afraid that the light will absorb her.

"You're safe," Five whispers after a while. "You can open your eyes." A chuckle of his follows, causing Elisa's eyes to fly open immediately.

"How long have we been here?" she asks him while looking around. They're somewhere inside. An apartment, to be exact.

Five's smile betrays him.

"A minute, I think."

"A minute!" Elisa exclaims, raising her eyebrows. "You bastard!"

"A thank you would be nice," Five mumbles while smirking. He's obviously enjoying this.

Elisa's eyes widen even more. She takes a deep breath, as if preparing herself. "Thank you," she mumbles.

Her hands let Five's arm out of their grip, and she takes a step backwards, leaving him with a taunting smile on his lips.

With a relieved sigh, Five falls down onto the couch next to him. Elisa doesn't. Instead she turns her head so she can get a clearer image of the apartment.

"Another apartment you're renting?"


"Another room in the house you brought me to when I was wounded?" It doesn't seem likely, but it could. Though, the interior is completely different. This room has warm tints compared to the room Elisa woke up in after being shot. That one's interior was cold.

"Wrong again."

"Where are we?"

"My sister's apartment."

Elisa's head turns to Five again. His head is leaning on the back of the seat and his eyes are closed. Just now she notices how tired he looks. He has circles underneath his eyes, and it seems like he hasn't slept in days by the way his body lets the couch absorb itself completely. Her body is also tired, thanks to the amount of energy she needed to use. But her mind is even more tired. It feels like it is dying.

She frowns as she allows herself to think back of what happened today. She wasn't long at the commission; maybe a few hours. And so much has happened. Too much has happened. Elisa feels like she has been robbed of the reason to live. Maybe it's true. Maybe she truly doesn't have a reason to live anymore. Without Morgana it feels like she's alone in the entire world. It feels as if nothing is worth fighting for anymore.

Her Morgana is no longer. Not because she's dead. Actually, she's perfectly fine. . . physically. But she's been changed mentally. The commission tried the exact same with her that they tried with Elisa. Morgana allowed the handler to change her kind soul. Elisa didn't. She didn't change into a murderer.

"Sit down, Elisa." It's five his voice that shakes her out of her worries.

Elisa opens her eyes-she didn't even know she closed them while replaying what happened today in her head, and looks at him. His eyes are on her, and they're worried.

"You look horrified and very, very overdone." he remarks, frowning at her.

"All right," Elisa whispers softly while she sits down on the other side of the couch, careful not to sit close to Five. He, of course, notices this and chuckles.

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