15. Trust

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"Hold on tight," Five commands Elisa as his arm curls around her waist until it's cupping her side. She does as she's been told, and the two bodies press against each other. The rising and falling of Elisa's and Five's chest synchronize without any of the two realizing so.

"Okay," Elisa whispers, finding it rather difficult to get out a decent reply while being this close to Five. Even though she spent the whole night close to him, today is different. Her breathing hitches when Five's free hand raises to press her even tighter to his warm body.

Her eyes flicker from his hand to his face, and she notices that his eyes are right upon her. His sparkling blue eyes are a darker shade than usual, and his lips have parted. The sight makes Elisa swallow, unsure.

Then a nervous chuckle fills her ears. Five smiles weakly before his eyes travel to his free hand. Blue light immediately blinds Elisa. She squeezes her eyes closed as she throws her arms around Five's body. Her head leans itself against his chest automatically. He doesn't stop her.

The strong light stays for a while, and Elisa keeps herself close to Five. She knows he'll keep her safe. He'll make sure that she doesn't fall into the endless light.

"We're here," his soft voice whispers, and just now she realizes that she's been squeezing his body more and more with every passing second.

Elisa dares to open one eye to find out that he wasn't lying. They're at the commission. Oh, how she hates returning here again. But this time, she's with Five. Two assassins helping each other to stop the end of the world.

She doesn't attempt to take a step back. Instead, she takes a deep breath before stopping with squeezing him.

"I didn't fall into the light," she states, proud of herself. It causes Five to chuckle lightly. It's a stirring sound, but anyone could hear the nerves betraying him. He's just as frightened as she is to be here, at the commission.

Just now she lets her arms unfold. While doing so, she comes to the realization that Five didn't lie about the time of arrival this once. He didn't wait so he could hold her a little longer. Elisa swallows when she realizes that she wishes he did.

When both his arms and her arms unfold fully, Elisa takes a step backwards. There's a weak smile on her lips, trying to hide the confusing feeling she's wondering about right now. Her legs seem to be rather shaky after the spatial jump-normal symptom for a beginner, she assumes.

Her knees collapse, still trembling. Before Elisa can react, she falls backwards. Her reflexes are just in time to notice Five's eyes widening, too.

The blue light appears again, and before she knows it, Five is gone. There's no time to scream or make any kind of sound, really. It all happens quickly.

Hands slide against her sides from behind, and they curl around her waist. It doesn't take longer than a second until Elisa realizes that it's Five. Her body collides with his. He keeps her from falling. He holds her.

Once she's able to react again, Elisa blows some hair out of her face while a somewhat wider smile forms onto her lips. "Thanks," she mumbles quietly.

"You didn't fall into the light." Five smiles, too. "But that doesn't mean you can't fall afterwards." None of the two move; they stay in the same position.

"You should've told me about the effects about spatial traveling," she remarks, leaning her head backwards. . .against his chest. She doesn't know why. Perhaps she just likes the way she can feel his rising and falling chest strongly.

"There aren't effects?" he tells her in a questioning tone.

Elisa's eyes widen. It doesn't take her long to stand up, turn around, and look at Five. "There aren't?" So no wobbly knees? No quicker breathing. . .

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