27. There's A Reason Behind Every Action

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Immediately, Gloria nods, and she doesn't doubt to run out of the tube-room. In just a few seconds, she's already that far that her footsteps aren't heard anymore.

The handler leaves the room, too. Just then, Elisa allows herself to gasp in panic. How the hell will she find Hazel, Cha Cha and Vanya? And how the fuck will she get out of the commission when everyone is alerted?

A chuckle is heard in the hallway, and Elisa immediately presses her hands against her mouth to stop herself from gasping again.

Grinning, the handler walks inside. She heard Elisa. Once again, Elisa shrinks. She stops breathing, too. But none of these things help. The handler knows she's here.

"Oh, Elisa." The handler chuckles softly. "You are so predictable. I did attempt to raise you better than that."

Elisa doesn't answer. She stays where she is.

"Please." The handler rolls her eyes. "Show yourself. We both know you're here, little one."

Defeated, Elisa stands up. Her eyes narrow at the handler, but that only causes her smile to widen. Elisa has been found. She can't help but wonder what'll happen now. Well, she doesn't have anything to lose, does she? "What'd you do with Vanya?"

This question makes the handler chuckle. "Nothing yet, little one," she answers immediately.

"What are you going to do with her?" While the handler's face only show joy and amusement, Elisa hers shows anger. Her eyes are extremely narrowed the handler, and when she doesn't answer, Elisa clenches her jaw.

"That totally depends on you." The handler shrugs.

"What?" Elisa her eyes widen. Now, she frowns at the handler.

"I truly thought you would've found out already." The handler points at her. "But you're still completely oblivious."

"Oblivious to what?" Elisa asks, truly confused. It isn't clear . . . otherwise she would've known already.

"Everything I do has a reason behind it, Elisa," the handler starts to explain.

"I know," Elisa snarls.

"But do you?" The handler laughs, cocking her head to the side. "Why do you think I took you home with me after you murdered your parents?"

Elisa flinches, but she deepens herself in her thoughts, too. For her whole life, Elisa had known the excuse of the handler was a fake one. She wouldn't care if Elisa had been sent to an orphanage. "Because you wanted an assassin that you could trust completely. . ." Elisa trails off, realizing that this thought had been created by herself. The handler never truly agreed. She just believed that it was true, but is it?

"I do have to admit," the handler starts, "that was very handy. But it is not why I took you in."

With a shaky breath, Elisa swallows. Why else would the handler have spent years to train Elisa? Why did she take a toddler home? Again, Elisa her eyes narrow. Because she had powers.

"What do you want with . . . me?" Elisa asks, preparing herself for a fight if necessary. Would she be able to fight the handler? Yes. A hundreds of times yes. That won't be a problem. Would she be able to kill the handler? That Elisa is not sure of.

"Finally!" The handler smiles a cruel smile. A shiver goes down Elisa her spine. "Think, Elisa. Find out the truth yourself."

Elisa does, but no more answers come to her. What would the handler want with her powers? Why would she need them? Elisa is a living bomb, but . . .

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