16. You Are Meant For Great Things

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+/- smut! You can skip the chapter without a problem.

A soft snore of Five's fills Elisa her ears. She turns to look at him, just like she has done several times the passed hour. His hair lays there messy, still plastered against his forehead from the sweat that was there eight hours ago.

One eye of Five's opens, and when he notices Elisa's eyes on him, a smile lights his face up. His stomach is pressed against the mattress, and the blanket is curled around his waist only. That's why Elisa's eyes are free to flicker back to his back while Five tiredly hides his head underneath the pillow, trying to block out the annoyingly strong light. The light fades away, and he lets out a relieved sigh, content.

"Worn-out?" Elisa chuckles as she continues watching him.

"Mhm," he replies in a quiet voice. "Very."

Five hands grab the pillow that's laying on his head with both hands, and then throws it to the other side of the room, making Elisa frown. He turns so he's laying on his side. His smile widens enormously when Elisa comes into his view again.

"Why did you do that?" Elisa playfully cocks her head to the side while her eyes flicker to the pillow.

Five raises his hand slowly and only stops when his fingertips touch the soft skin of Elisa's cheek. "I wanted to see you," he whispers, his breathing already quickening. Then he turns his head to look at the pillow he threw toward the door, too. "Do you want it? I can get it ag-"

"No." Elisa answers quickly. "I don't want you to leave." She closes the space between the two. Without hesitating even a little, Elisa presses her figure against Five's. Pleased with what Elisa's doing, Five curls his arms around her waist, pulling her even closer to him.

"I don't want to leave, either," he whispers in her ear, his lips touching her earlobe. Elisa's heart flutters when he does so. Five feels her quick breathing against his neck, and a chuckle leaves his lips.

He presses his head in Elisa's long hair, and breathes in deeply, taking in her smell. She smells amazing-more than that, actually. Her perfume will linger in the sheets, and he'll enjoy that. But he needs more, craves more. He doesn't just want her smell to greet him every time he goes to bed. No, he wants his arms around her every night again and again. Her smell in the sheets won't matter because he'll be able to breathe in her perfume whenever he wants.

"Five?" Elisa's whispers, her voice husky.

"Yes?" Five replies, using his fingers to push her hair aside so his way to her neck is free. When it is, he leans closer to her until his lips press against her skin. A first kiss is planted in the crook of Elisa's neck, making her giggle softly.

"I was thinking about something. . .," Elisa tells him, but Five hears her gasps between the words as he continues kissing different spots on her neck.

"Continue." He smiles against her neck-she can feel he does. She doesn't continue. It's as if she can't remember how to function properly. Her mind is only thinking of one thing: Five Hargreeves. No, another image has flashed before her eyes already. She remembers it well. Every detail is printed strongly in her mind: Elisa's hand slowly caressing Five's chest as he kisses the top of her forehead. Both their bodies are sweaty, but it doesn't matter. With Five's weight upon her, her eyes on him and his on her, she doesn't care about sweating.

"I-" Elisa stammers, her cheeks heating up again.

"What's that?"

"Stop doing that," she says, causing Five to crawl back a little so he can see her. Slowly, he watches her expression, trying to find out what she means.

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