6. The order

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The gnawing pain reminds Elisa of one of the handler's trainings. They were horrible. Elisa knew that a normal human would not have survived them. Only she could. And that was because of the fire burning inside of her.

Being afraid of its dangers, Elisa never used it again after that one day. She never dared to. That's why the handler had to look for ways to look how strong Elisa's powers actually were without the little girl having to use them directly.

She succeeded in that. The handler quickly found out that Elisa could easily handle warmth and droughts. Even her endurance was better than normal humans. But the girl still needed to eat and drink. That's what made her human, the handler used to say.

Elisa wished to be human. She wished to be a normal girl. If she was all of that, her parents wouldn't have died because of her. She wouldn't have been taken to train to be an assassin. She wouldn't have had to endure constant pain and loss of her parents.

That's what the pain reminded her of. The constant pain of her parents' loss that she feels in her heart.

It never went away. It never will, Elisa knows that very well after all those horrible years. But she did learn to live with it. The girl learned how to wake up and go to bed with the gnawing pain. She grew up with it.

The pain of the wound is different, though, it's still pain. Elisa has had many wounds and healed from all of them. She got stitched many times, even without any painkillers. But this time it felt different.

When she was at the commission, the handler didn't allow the commission's doctor to use painkillers. It would make her weak. She needed to learn how to handle pain. Elisa did.

While Five stitched the wound that the bullet had made, she almost didn't feel a thing. He didn't give her any painkillers. Perhaps it was to test how much pain she could endure, or he just didn't have any. Assassins don't plan on getting injured. And they usually don't.

Elisa did, though, but only because she didn't knew the field that she was walking in. She made a mistake. The handler would never forget if she knew.

When realizing what has happened, Elisa sits up, immediately regretting the movement she made. She slowly falls back in the seat underneath her, groaning.

"You shouldn't move that much," Five remarked while approaching her. They aren't in the apartment that he rented just a while ago. They aren't still on the dancefloor. Actually, it has been days since that very moment when Elisa got shot.

"Where are we?" Elisa asks him, her eyes narrowing while he bends through his knees next to the seat. His face is close to hers, but his attention isn't on that. He's watching the wound on her lower belly.

Elisa's dress has gone. Now she's only in her underwear. When realizing that, her eyes widen. She'd stand up and run to hide behind the curtains that she can see, but she can't.

"Where's my dress?" She asks, not liking being in underwear next to her enemy at all.

Five Hargreeves is her enemy. The two are bound to hate each other. Bound to be each other's enemy.

"You're somewhere where you won't get shot again," he reassures her. "Don't worry."

"You killed him," The realisation hits her.

"No problem by the way," a mischievous smile comes onto his lips, making Elisa smile a little. "And to answer your second question, I couldn't stitch that wound with your dress on, could I?"

"You could at least have put me in other clothes or covered me," she rolls her eyes at him, still not liking the situation.

The mischievous smile on Five's lips grows and it does so a lot. He stands up, turns his back on Elisa who's doing her best to cover her bra with her arms and hands, and walks through the bedroom.

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