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“He who seeks, finds.”

 The pursuit of accomplishments to our goals and ambitions has been always a trivial matter to us. It’s true that the one who waits always find the good things easily, and the one rush always forgets and passed the littlest things. It is our tendency to look for what makes us happy, to sustain us in our living and thus be fulfilled. What it is needed to do so? Is it to wait or to find?

It’s a hard choice, a definite matter to be decided. Don’t rush or you’ll not able to see the small but important things. Don’t wait or you’ll be left out by life. My choice is, not to seek but to discover.

I’ve been left behind by life. I’ve waited and suffered for too long. I’ve rushed things, thinking that doing something about it will grant me what I’ve been looking for. I’ve never walked in a normal pace. I’ve been always chasing and if I’m tired I’ll stop and rest. I’ve been stuck in this circle ever since fulfillment has forsaken me.

Then one day, I’ve decided to act normal.

Life has been always a large puzzle, a complicated system of trade to gamble and to manage. Building the puzzle, staking the chances, and finding out the hidden treasures have never been easy to do. Seeking out what’s for you and finding out if it’ll last. I’ve walked the hidden road of Life. It’s a narrow street full of secrets and the littlest things. As I’ve trudged the road, I discovered and appreciated many things I never thought that I have. Many things like strangers whom have known me, friends whom I’ve forgotten, work which I’ve despised, talents that were left behind, and love that was just waiting to be discovered.

It was her who completed me again.

She was there all along, our relationship is like a seed planted and burst in the moment it was noticed; a seed that gave life to us which bloomed and made life more beautiful. It is true that the one who seeks, finds, but the one who appreciates will be fulfilled.

The moment we got what we always we want will be the most fulfilling time; the pursuit will end and what’ll only matter now is to make it last. Let’s hold on to the things that we have now rather than to desire what we don’t have. Treasure them and keep them, because we’ll never know if we’ll lose them someday and never return again.

Dedicated to my sweetest girl, Regina Joyce Elasigue.

Thank you for making the world such a beautiful place to live again. I love you every day, now and always.

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