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We're Not That Young ♡ A RoWen Fanfic

We're Not That Young ♡ A RoWen Fanfic

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無価値 By EphemeralEthereality Updated 4 days ago

Romeo? Wendy? Well I would like to say RoWen.

RoWen... The ship that never talked.
Well, that's about to change.
This is when two Young Hearts meet.
And they finally got a chance to have this feeling...

Not that ordinary feeling you just get,
But that feeling that you don't want to let go.
That feeling when you would not like to give up.
That feeling that when you get close, your heart beats fast.

That feeling called... LOVE

*Disclaimer: "I don't own Fairy Tail :) Hiro Mashima Does!"

Arelia_Chan Arelia_Chan Mar 14
If he asked what is love i'm pretty positive Natsu would reply with food or being able to break into their house without a key. I mean Juvia probably does that to Grey too.......(poor grey)
Ender_Rose_Amos Ender_Rose_Amos Jun 16, 2016
Like you would be the one to say when there too young. Have you ever heard of "young love"natsu?
Preston_Zhukov Preston_Zhukov Apr 09, 2016
How to make a milkshake
                              You put milk, ice cream and your choice of flavouring in a blender and blend it for 1 minute. Done
People in 'this non-magic' earthland don't use recipe books, they use......*drumroll*, the most important thing in life, YOUTUBE!!!!!
It's funny because when Natsu was a kid with Lissanna as a kid they were like husband and wife with Happy
Natsu is over 400... But I don't think anyone knows except Zeref...