RoWen Matchmaking

RoWen Matchmaking

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Mira has a special mission for the two youngest mages in Fairy Tail and it's not gonna be easy for them. Romeo and Wendy have been assigned this mission to either get video of Mira's OTP's confessing or get pictures of them kissing. Although, what she really wants is for her ships to become cannon, that's their ultimate goal. It's the perfect job! At least that's what they thought, but anything can go wrong when you're working with Mira. Especially when revenge is always an option and they won't be afraid to do so. Plus, it's a chance to be matchmakers themselves for Romeo and Wendy.

Started August 16, 2015

Ended July 8, 2016

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                              me: u sure (^3^) 
                              lucy:DO U WANT TO DIE
Dfly17 Dfly17 Apr 17
Otp hunting kit:
                              All you need to help search for your your One True Pairing. 
                              Only 73,000 jewels. Buy now and get a free tester of a love potion
We're going on a OTP hunt.
                              We're going to catch a big one.....
Personally I think nalu is quite overrated and much more average than most people make it out to be
RynRidan RynRidan Mar 24, 2016
MIRA-JANE'S ARMY UNITE~!!👊(°ロ°)☝(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
WhyCantTheyBeReal_ WhyCantTheyBeReal_ Sep 11, 2016
                              it's sad that Zervis is impossible to get some pictures of them being lovely dovey...
                              it's also sad they can't take their owb picture.... ;-;
                              oh well, INCLUDE MILAXUS PLEASE !!!
                              all in all, we ship the same ships!!!