Promise Me (Natsu X Reader)

Promise Me (Natsu X Reader)

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I'm (Y/N) just a typical 16 year old who travelled a lot and I some how found out about Fairy Tail so took the train for the trip..

When I arrived there I saw a familiar pinkette though my memories were in a jumble.
(((( ;°Д°)))) 

Once I've became closer with the Salamander, things turn out to be unexpected. 



*Looks at Myself*
                              Me: Brown hair, Brown Eyes, Short AF, glasses.
                              Lissanna: White/Silver hair, Blue eyes, a decent height, most likely almost perfect vision.
                              Yes. I look EXACTLY like her. *Awkward Smile* I am Lissanna and back from the dead! No? Okay.
tall_otaku tall_otaku Sep 13
me- dyed pastel purple hair, brown eyes
                              lissanna- white hair, blue eyes
                              ● _ ●
Me- knee length white hair and blue eyes my name is Winter. Beach tan skin.
                              Lisanna- short pixie cut white hair and blue eyes. Pale skin.
                              Similarities- white hair and blue eyes.
                              Differences long white hair and beach tan skin.
                              I'm not lisanna.
Me-Mod back length brown hair (some strips a dirty blond),season changing eye color,tan skin,My name is Writ.
                              Lisanna-^Descriptipn above + her name is lisanna^
                              Similarities-Literally none
                              Differences-Hair,eye color,skin tone,name.
                              Now tell me....
                              How am I like lisanna?
Boi I used to barely be able to hold one gallon of milk
                              I can hold like four at a time now...
                              YOU CAN MANAGE!
                              (I also carried my dresser up and DOWN my stairs so yeah)
I'm to lazy to say,I love music,I wouldn't leave my hou-- correction room if it weren't for my need of food and school,HELL YEAH,and....they actually change colors depending on the season light hazel now since its fall...