Promise Me (Natsu X Reader)

Promise Me (Natsu X Reader)

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lĸ☪️вgт. lυcĸy☪️ By sweetdaddybgt Completed


I'm (Y/N) just a typical 16 year old who travelled a lot and I some how found out about Fairy Tail so took the train for the trip..

When I arrived there I saw a familiar pinkette though my memories were in a jumble.
(((( ;°Д°)))) 

Once I've became closer with the Salamander, things turn out to be unexpected. 



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Galaxy hair and galaxy eyes with the tint f gold but changes into different coloured galaxies from emotions
                              Now SHE ISNT ANYTHING LIKE ME I’m more like Ezra =3
OK um...(1)aqua blue, orange, and purple hair. Brown skin. (2)YAS BITCH (3)one pink and one orange but I cover it(the orange one)
Me-Mod back length brown hair (some strips a dirty blond),season changing eye color,tan skin,My name is Writ.
                              Lisanna-^Descriptipn above + her name is lisanna^
                              Similarities-Literally none
                              Differences-Hair,eye color,skin tone,name.
                              Now tell me....
                              How am I like lisanna?
OKAY HOLD ON SHUT UM I AM (Excuse my languadge children) NOT THAT JERK!!!! ( I told you childer i was gunna say some bed stuffs XD)
Me- Long Curly black hair, gray eyed and thic
                              Lissanna- White hair blue eyes and looks like a stick
                              I don't look like Lissanna but then again u are the infamous Natsu Dragstupid
Does y'all got this seeing disorder or some s#it because I can tell you I have no similarities to her.
                              I don't hate her but I SURE as HELL am NOT her.