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Fate (Rowen Fan fiction)

Fate (Rowen Fan fiction)

7.9K Reads 300 Votes 17 Part Story
(Still choosing) By Liamcompletesme Updated Apr 06

Will fate take its toll on Wendy? Will she be the same as she once was when she first joined fairy tail? Will that one act of revenge change everything? Will Her healing magic finally go against her will? Will Romeo ever forgive himself?
Please read:
(Hey guys so this book is unedited so if you see some misspellings or sentences that make little to no sense.... that's because I haven't edited! So please do not comment about something not sounding right! If you need clarification on something then by all means ask and comment it, but if you clearly knew what I meant, then please do not comment something with the intent of being a smart ass.... sorry it's really rude when I have to repeat myself after I've already said many times that it hasn't been edited! With that being said, I will edit this book once it is completed. I do not have the time to spend hours on editing a chapter when I have readers who want me to update, I just can't. I'm in high school and it's really hard right now. I'm almost a senior, I'm trying to get a job, and I have a lot of activities that I participate in. I will be honest.... this book doesn't get my attention 100% of the time. Please don't let this not make you want to read this book, my intent of this disclaimer was to let you know that negative comments really affect my writing so please read and enjoy!) 
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All characters and FairyTail belong to Hiromashima

MusicalBooks13 MusicalBooks13 Mar 27, 2016
Is it me or do you think that Gray and Wendy would be wonderful in a brother/sister relationship?
Romeo! Romeo! Where for art thou Romeo! 
                              Sorry... I had too...
- - Mar 31, 2016
I know a Sebastian and Alex and they are a bit of thugs but i can handle them
O3GM1P O3GM1P Jan 23
Nightfox102 Nightfox102 Jul 17, 2016
                              Wendy: I'm like twelve 
                              Me: Yay and this is a Wendy X Romeo story
Kingdomkeeper_wilby3 Kingdomkeeper_wilby3 Apr 11, 2016
WHERE ART THOU ROMEO! *clears throat* ahem. Uhh sorry. I'm reading Romeo and Juliet in my English class rn. I had to 👍