Love for Mr.Mafia

Love for Mr.Mafia

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vokkalkar shradda By Shraddavokkalkar08 Updated Mar 02

#16(Romance)on (4/7/2016)

   He was not supposed to fall in love.
  He was not supposed to get distracted from his goal. 
He believed he was only meant for bloodshed. 
He was supposed to avenge death and the torture and hate he went through. 
she happened. She happened, and he couldn't stop her from bringing a storm in his life or was she even a storm?

she was meant to be loved and cherished. 
 She was not meant for blood shed. 
 she was not supposed to see death let alone become a target.
She was supposed to graduate and live a normal life and have family and get old . 
but he came along . He came along uninvited like a storm in her life and she could do nothing to stop him but to scumb to his game plan and get married to him. 

     Heart breaks, mysteries are revealed , deaths happens , loved ones die ...... but among this all LOVE HAPPENS.

         This is the story of love. But, some love stories have blood on them !  

                                             LOVE FOR MR.MAFIA

so , this is my first story guys... the starting chapters and relatively smaller than the later one. The starting is not as good but it keeps getting
 better. Lots of grammatical errors which will be edited later . 
THIS STORY DOESNOT DISCRIPT ANY RELIGION! its a story nd just enjoy it!

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KashafMirza KashafMirza Aug 03, 2016
The story is really interesting as khushboo's character is really nice to know plz update it fast curious to read the next chapter
aj-pandabear aj-pandabear Nov 15, 2016
Yea same pinch I too cal my nomma ammi nd let me tell u she'll make me govdeaf one with all those shouting *wink wink* what to do am naughty haughty one in my household ;-(
ShaniceRoyce ShaniceRoyce Jul 06, 2016
😞I ashamed of myself. I don't remember how to pronounce these words correctly.
urge123 urge123 Sep 09, 2016
Hey. I will give u credit for trying to write a story about a Muslimah. But honestly, if you are going to write, you should first get some knowledge about the religion, and as of how a Muslimah is. The culture etc. That will make easy to understand the pov too.
valentinablackvil valentinablackvil May 20, 2016
I love this story and I'm trying to pronounce the words properly. Its fun
ShaniceRoyce ShaniceRoyce Jul 06, 2016
😭OMG why me. I have to be the first girl that got played by a Muslim guy. 😂Seeing is brother name now just make me wanna snap his next 😠.allah wont save you now