My Knight In Darkness #wattys2017

My Knight In Darkness #wattys2017

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It is a arshi love hate story . when two people fall in love but their surrounding is jst filled with hate..., they do fight with their love but is it enough?

  ( previously known as love?..,..nah..I Hate Him)

Khushi is an orphan and finding job after study, she don't know anything about her dark past, while arnav is ...arrogant , rude  business man, khushi started working for him , but he is not an easy person to please, her journey is long but then they both fall in love but after that she got to know that their pasts are joined in a very twisted way...
  "I'm so sorry" I said
  "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE" said that grey eyed man loudly...
  What the hell ...?
  "listen Mr. I said sorry OK ..I was in hurry .didn't notice you. So stop being so rude and let me go"
  As I tried to go away I again bump into him ..What is his problem?
  "I said GET OUT"
  "who are you to tell me that? . I m here for an interview and I won't go without that. Now let me go"..

  Fate has twisted ways I say, both of them never knew that they are the one who will save each other from their dark past....or they thought so...

Warning : half story is arshi office romance and other half is mafia story...

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