How To: Survive Teenagehood

How To: Survive Teenagehood

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There is a stage between childhood and adulthood that makes us all want to bang our heads into a concrete wall as if that will somehow make us forget the things we did in that cringe-worthy stage of adolescence. That golden era of bad haircuts, first and last dates, and that undeniable feeling of wanting to fit in. 

Teenagehood. Surviving it is a feat in itself, and the memories you make may haunt you forever. So this is my guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly of surviving teenagehood. Yes this will include anecdotes.

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Bk_writes Bk_writes Oct 10
I DO end up doing stupid AF things, but that IS how you make friends in the Real World, bushes! #basedontrueexperiences
raxquaza11 raxquaza11 2 days ago
am i literally the only one who didn't think of their period when they saw "this difficult period of your life"?
TaylorWyd TaylorWyd Oct 05
"Difficult period"
                              In that moment all the girls in the comment section groaned
LittleDee1 LittleDee1 Sep 29
Technically it’s 18 because you’re technically considered as an adult
nutterbut nutterbut Sep 25
Ahhh, I'm socially awkward too and I always manage to make a fool of myself in front of new people 😰
                              but fr I am so shy which is why I prefer internet friends, like I have a better time opening up to them then my IRL friends. I have anxiety as well so fkskck