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The PureBloods Child | Book Two by KaylaAriesZombie
The PureBloods Child | Book Twoby KaylaAriesZombie
A child born into the world from a once human. A child that was conceived by a PureBlood vampire known as Julian - The head of The PureBlood Clan. I, Samantha named my...
  • fangs
  • survive
  • action
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The Survivors  by wearethefxes
The Survivors by meg
Deep in the city of Saxet, sixteen-year-old Mavis Sterling takes part in the Tests that could change her life, and change exactly what she has been living for. The Test...
  • life
  • resistance
  • running
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Indigo {{The Walking Dead FanFic}} by TheWillowPine
Indigo {{The Walking Dead FanFic}}by SJ
Eight year old, Indigo, was found abandoned in a car by Rick Grimes, a sheriff searching for his wife and son. Rick is determined to protect the little girl at all costs...
  • survivors
  • zombieoutbreak
  • post-apocalyptic
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The Maze Runner - Victory by 600000helena
The Maze Runner - Victoryby 600000helena
Subject A10 - The Victory, WCKD called her that since she got there, That's her name - Tori... Victoira.... Victory! She was one of their rat labs, They took her friends...
  • newtxtori
  • survive
  • themazerunner
Guts (the original interactive zombie apocalypse survival story) by Pixee_Styx
Guts (the original interactive Sam Smith
** PREVIOUSLY A FEATURED HORROR STORY** The dead have risen. You wake up in the middle of this violent, rotting new world. The putrid stench of carnage is in the air. Yo...
  • attack
  • sciencefiction
  • horror
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Wilson X reader (Don't starve) by LoveTheWolvez107
Wilson X reader (Don't starve)by Wolfy
Hey guys this is a love story between you (or character you'd like to put in) and Wilson .p Higgsbury, the gentleman scientist. I hope you enjoy this story! See you in t...
  • dontstarve
  • adventure
  • fanfic
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A Vampires Slave (Complete) by LilithaAngel
A Vampires Slave (Complete)by LilithaAngel
COMPLETED: Some swearing and some 'hot under the collar' scenes but nothing graphic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lara Maxwell is a typical 19 year old, working, studying and partying...
  • completed
  • love
  • rescue
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Alpha Of The South by KelseyLynann
Alpha Of The Southby KelseyLynann
In a continent that is dominated by werewolves, humans in wolf territories are simple playthings. That's why humans stay out. When Riley is taken by a Beta from the Nor...
  • otherwordly
  • danger
  • love
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My Sunshine (Swasan Ff) by Hadisthy_wany
My Sunshine (Swasan Ff)by Hadisthy_wany
This is one of the stories that took place under the sky of the city of Mumbai ... This is a story of hope that appears in the midst of despair ... About dreams that sur...
  • swasan
  • dreams
  • love
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How To: Survive Teenagehood  by howto_
How To: Survive Teenagehood by e l l a
There is a stage between childhood and adulthood that makes us all want to bang our heads into a concrete wall as if that will somehow make us forget the things we did i...
  • humour
  • teen
  • nonfiction
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The Will To Live by Obsidian_Productions
The Will To Liveby Obsidian_Productions
Corporal Greg Walker has just awoken in an icebound nightmare. With the decades-long war between his own race and the collective of genocidal, religious zealots known on...
  • horrorfiction
  • frozen
  • scifi
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Dear Emma by themusicsoul
Dear Emmaby themusicsoul
Emma Baker was her best friend. She was also his girlfriend. Until she wasn't anymore. And what better way to replace the hole that she left than alcohol? ~*~ Emma is go...
  • romance
  • depression
  • alcohol
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Disney's Moana(Maui x Water goddess! Reader) by Potter_Hanna
Disney's Moana(Maui x Water Potter_Hanna
Hi! I'm Y/N, I'm a water goddess, and shapeshifter. I'm here to tell you about a prophecy I made while meeting Maui. The gods introduced us to each other, and since then...
  • survive
  • goddess
  • disney
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Goku Black X Reader  by PizzaRollsBOII
Goku Black X Reader by Sold Ma soul for Pizza Rolls
Why do I love after all he's done... even if he did do all of those things. He's shown me so many different sides of him that no one can even imagine, But I must try to...
  • gokublack
  • wattys2018
  • gokublackxreader
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Betrayal  by st-lesharry
Betrayal by Skittles
"look me in the eyes and tell me you love me"
  • brotherandsister
  • saviors
  • fighting
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Survive or Die (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) by FREEWARRIOR
Survive or Die (A Sword Art ⚽️🎧🏐
Death game. That's where Ava Moore is. Sword Art Online was a game at the beginning where everyone played, had fun, being with friends, now it's the game that's taking e...
  • ava
  • kirito
  • swordartonline
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Fox River //michael scofield by onetimejerrie
Fox River //michael scofieldby onetimejerrie
"What are you doing here?" "We're getting you out of here." "That's impossible!" "It is. But not unless you designed the place."
  • bellick
  • prison
  • michaelscofield
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Dark Until Dawn [Until Dawn Fanfiction] by ReconditeAgony
Dark Until Dawn [Until Dawn SearingSorrow Imigie
After the disappearance of Hannah and Beth Washington, Josh Washington, Imigie Mayge and the rest of the gang go back to Blackwood Mountain for the anniversary of the si...
  • until
  • dawn
  • survival
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THE SON'S SURRENDER - the second book in the True Destiny Chronicles by sarsar14
THE SON'S SURRENDER - the second C.P.W.
~ Book Two ~ "Trust the Immortal One, and don't die." An uncontrollable darkness has spread over the world of Desmond. Having thwarted his enemies' attempts at...
  • survive
  • war
  • lonely
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NIGHT TIME by softbeats
❝ ⏤don't trust anyone. ❞ ⓒ softbeats, 2018  ꒰ closed. [ #1 on gowon, 14 / may / 2018 ] [ #1 on af, 19 / may / 2018 ]
  • interactive
  • mystery
  • yves
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