Military's Girl (editing)(1-7 edited) by KenZ_Dizzy95
Military's Girl (editing)(1-7 KenZ_Dizzy95
I pushed away from the dinner table and stood up really fast, then bolted for the door. I couldn't just stay here and listen to him tell me he was leaving, I just couldn...
  • love
  • hate
  • humor
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A Hunger Games Rp (Closed!)  by FallsintheFall
A Hunger Games Rp (Closed!) by FallsintheFall
Pretty much in the title ^^^ come on you have common sense, use it.
  • adventure
  • survive
  • katnisseverdeen
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Sweet Lullaby by B3L0WZ3R0
Sweet Lullabyby B3L0WZ3R0
Her smokey green eyes sparkled with mirth and mischief as she kneeled in front of her captive, taking in the position she was in with a smirk. Upon realizing that she wa...
  • kill
  • bdsm
  • girlxgirl
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Goku Black X Reader  by JordanLove375
Goku Black X Reader by Jordan Love
Why do I love after all he's done... even if he did do all of those things. He's shown me so many different sides of him that no one can even imagine, But I must try to...
  • xreader
  • wattys2018
  • gokublackxreader
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Getting Over You  by iPriyasingh
Getting Over You by iPriyasingh
Highest Rank #1 in Move on & #17 in Inspiration. Getting over a breakup was so difficult for Veronica. She used to cry her lungs out because it was her first love that...
  • newlove
  • helpful
  • love
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Indigo {{The Walking Dead FanFic}} by TheWillowPine
Indigo {{The Walking Dead FanFic}}by SJ
Eight year old, Indigo, was found abandoned in a car by Rick Grimes, a sheriff searching for his wife and son. Rick is determined to protect the little girl at all costs...
  • zombieoutbreak
  • action-adventure
  • amcthewalkingdead
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Hope by wolfgirl183818
Hopeby -Wolfgirl-
Hope... One thing she held onto. It was like a curse on her. At the age of seven her parents died trying to protect her, her pack was destroyed and everyone was killed...
  • mate
  • scary
  • alpha
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The PureBloods Child | Book Two  by KaylaAriesZombie
The PureBloods Child | Book Two by KaylaAriesZombie
A child born into the world from a once human. A child that was conceived by a PureBlood vampire known as Julian - The head of The PureBlood Clan. I, Samantha named my...
  • vampires
  • action
  • vampireromance
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The Survivors  by wearethefxes
The Survivors by meg
Deep in the city of Saxet, sixteen-year-old Mavis Sterling takes part in the Tests that could change her life, and change exactly what she has been living for. The Test...
  • fight
  • fearless
  • running
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Will we survive? by AngelOD16
Will we survive?by AngelOD16
A group of friends that go to the same school are so hyped for summer. But one of the last days something is not right... While sitting in a boring class they hear non-s...
  • survival
  • horror-zombie
  • teen
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Jeff the killer X reader by PshycosisHaveI
Jeff the killer X readerby PsychosisHaveI
After putting you through 12 years of torture, your father decides to drop you off at an experimental lab. You are put through more torture and just barely escape. You m...
  • enemy
  • slenderman
  • cool
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Clouds by amusicalbean
Cloudsby amusicalbean
Casey Roland is a senior who has her entire life ahead of her. She's been accepted into a four year university, she has a loving mother, and she's best friends with the...
  • struggle
  • romance
  • love
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The Alpha Of The South by KelseyLynann
The Alpha Of The Southby KelseyLynann
In a world that is dominated by werewolves, humans in wolf territories are simple playthings. That's why humans stay out. When Riley is taken by a Beta from the North P...
  • king
  • fantasy
  • otherwordly
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The start by hazelblue32
The startby Crowleys little demon
Target, you needed to worry about. You have to focus on it. Either your target to kill or your goal to work with. Just hope you don't miss. Fight, I had to fight to surv...
  • twd
  • thewalkingdead
  • rick
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Wilson X reader (Don't starve) by LoveTheWolvez107
Wilson X reader (Don't starve)by Wolfy
Hey guys this is a love story between you (or character you'd like to put in) and Wilson .p Higgsbury, the gentleman scientist. I hope you enjoy this story! See you in t...
  • adventure
  • dontstarve
  • survive
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How To: Survive Teenagehood  by howto_
How To: Survive Teenagehood by e l l a
There is a stage between childhood and adulthood that makes us all want to bang our heads into a concrete wall as if that will somehow make us forget the things we did i...
  • survive
  • nonfiction
  • teenagehood
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Dear Emma by themusicsoul
Dear Emmaby themusicsoul
Emma is gone. But her boyfriend, Ryder, and her best friend, Kai, are still here. And they're hurting. Kai and Ryder have been close, even before Ryder started dating E...
  • broken
  • comingofage
  • grief
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A carl grimes love story- Dixon daughter by PollyFannin
A carl grimes love story- Dixon Depressed-girl❤️
Living in a zombie apocalypse sucks. Vallory Dixon's entire family is gone. Friends, gone. Home, gone. But when she runs into a small group in the woods, maybe even meet...
  • chandler
  • grimes
  • wattyaward2014
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Guts (the original interactive zombie apocalypse survival story) by Pixee_Styx
Guts (the original interactive Sam Smith
** PREVIOUSLY A FEATURED HORROR STORY** The dead have risen. You wake up in the middle of this violent, rotting new world. The putrid stench of carnage is in the air. Yo...
  • interactive
  • sciencefiction
  • fear
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Eye might (✔) by NHeartless
Eye might (✔)by NHeartless
"I'm hated. We're hated. ...all because we have brown eyes." This story takes place in a world where superiority and power is based on the color of one's eyes:...
  • dystopia
  • sciencefiction
  • sci-fi
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