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a continuation of 🌼 Always 🌼 but many years into the future, where your child is a bit grown and you have two children now-

Anyways the names from the little poll I guess is going to be: Alex and Hikari

They're gender-neutral names so you can decide if you want two girls or two boys, or one girl and one boy, whatever you want lol

Btw Alex is your first-born and Hikari is the baby so--


You averted your eyes from Norman's gaze, to the ground. He sighed, "(Y/N)—"

You raised your hand up and shook your head. "No. Mm mm, nope."

You heard him grumble slightly. Looking back up towards him, "I can't believe you."

"I'm sorry." Norman closed his eyes.

"Why .... why would you think teaching our kids how to play chess would be a good idea when they're still learning how to count???" You dramatically pointed to your two children, Alex and Hikari. Alex held up the white and black pieces, clashing them against each other, emitting fighting sound effects with their mouth. Meanwhile, Hikari held up the white piece in awe, drooling over it, "Oooh!"

Norman's lips curved into a slight pout and he crossed his arms, "I was able to..."

You rubbed your forehead with the pads of your thumb, before letting out a heavy sigh. "I understand that far too well, sweetie, but you have to understand, they're still kids."

The albino let out a sigh in defeat, a sheepish smile spreading across his features, "I guess you're right."

"I'm always right," you laughed as you took the white piece from Hikari before it was eaten. Hikari's baby blue eyes enlarged as the precious thing was snatched away. A small pout forming on their lips.

"Alright alright, its time for school, Alex." Norman stated, getting on his knees and collecting the abandoned pieces on the floor.

"Ehhh?? But why???" Alex grumbled, "School stinks."

"Hey now, what did we say about using those kinds of words?" Norman looked at them, opening his hand. Alex sighed and placed their toys back in Norman's hand, "School is hard."

The albino flashed an approving smile at his child, "There you go. Now come on and help me pick these up.." Norman leaned a bit closer to Alex, "Before mommy gets mad at me!"

Alex giggled, "She's gonna cook you for dinner!" GET IT BECAUSE HE'S FOOD I'm sorry//

"You bet I would!" You smirked, "Now hurry up or you'll be late. C'mon, Hikari." Hikari looked up at you and grinned, standing up on little legs. "Kay!"

Finally, as you finished zipping up Hikari's jacket, you heard small footsteps rushing through the hallway accompanied with longer ones. You glanced up and flashed a smile as Norman and Alex rushed over. You kissed Hikari's forehead, "You be good for me, alright?"

"Kay!" Hikari chanted. You opened your arms as Alex walked towards you. You leaned your head on their shoulder as you felt little arms encircle around your torso, "And have fun."

"Fun?!" Alex quickly pulled away and shot you a weird expression, "When is school fun?!"

You and Norman chuckled. "Ermmm, you get to see your friends?" You tilted your head slightly.

"Hmmmph, I guess so..." Alex stuffs their hands in their pockets. Suddenly, you all heard the doorbell ring. You turned and twisted open the front door. Your eyes widened as they greeted a pair of happy green ones.

"Good morning, everyone!!" Emma's bright voice sounded, immediately making Hikari and Alex rush over. "Emma!!!"

Emma giggled as the little gremlins ran towards her, jumping into her arms. "Heyyy!"

"Emma guess what! Daddy showed us this cool name called Cheese! It's when you fight with these black and white thingies on this black and white board!" Alex explained. Emma looked at Norman, "Really?"

Norman smiled nervously as you elbowed his arm, smirking. "I... attempted to teach them how to play Chess."

Emma puffed out her cheeks before breaking out into a fit of laughter, "Wow! That's amazing!"

"I know right." You chuckled.

"Anyhow, you guys ready for school?" Emma grinned at them.

"Yeah!" Alex and Hikari chanted.

"Then c'mon! Let's go!" Emma grabbed Alex with one hand and Hikari with the other. "I'll see you guys later! Bye!" Emma smiled at you and Norman.

"Take care!" Norman called out. "Thanks for taking them today!" You smiled back.

"Anytime!" Emma called back. And with that, you closed the door with a relaxed sigh. Your smile only grew as you felt warm arms circle around you followed by a pair of lips placed on top of your hair.

"You are so beautiful." Norman whispered. You scoffed and turned around, "Oh please, don't try to sweet talk me to hide the shenanigans you pulled this morning." You crossed your arms and smirked. Norman smiled innocently, "But you are?" He pulled you closer, taking your hand in his and kissing the ring resting on your finger. You looked away and blushed, "No, pfft."

"What are you so flustered for, hm?" Norman leaned really close to your face. You blushed a bit more, your breath against his, "I'm not..." Norman closed his eyes and you hesitantly closed yours. It felt like an eternity before he settled with a kiss on top of your nose. You grumbled as he pulled away, letting you go. "Anyway, I should really be getting to work now." Norman chuckled. When you didn't respond, Norman's thicc eyebrows rose up, but his smile did not falter, "What?"

You pouted slightly, "It's nothing."

"Do you perhaps... want something?" He smiled more, leaning closer to you again. Oh hell naw. You turned your face away from his, "Maybe.."

You gasped as you felt his hand grasp your chin before capturing your lips with his. You moaned slightly as his lips moved against yours before pulling away too fast. "If you wanted a kiss all you had to do was ask." Norman's smiled remained. You just buried your head into his chest as he chuckled. "I love you."

"I love you too, (Y/N), always and forever."

⚠️ Important A/N: ⚠️
Guys holy sheet-

This book has reached 100k reads that is insane-

I first started this book around (after my Ray book) early July last year and it has only grown from there. Although writing isn't my greatest passion, I do enjoy it. And these past two years have been incredible. From every funny comment to every vote you send my way, thank you all!

To commemorate this small accomplishment, I want to do a one-shot where you guys finally get married. (I just realized I did it for the Ray book but not for this one just yet) but if you guys have any other ideas I'd love to hear them!

Anyway, I'll stop here before it gets too long. Once again, thank you all!💜💜💜

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