🌼 Always 🌼 Part 2

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part 2 requested by: loooooooooool11

"Stay strong!"

"You're doing great!"

"Just one more push!"

"C'mon (Y/N)!"

Layers of sweat covered your face as exhaustion draped over you like a thick blanket. Then, in a flash, with all of your might, you pushed. For a moment, all you could see was white, and all you could hear was tuned out voices. As if you were under water. Finally, the cry of an infant brought you back. Friends gathering around you, and presented right in front of you, was this delicate, precious thing, albeit a red, bloody, hairless, loud thing.

And then, you fell back and blacked out.


Waking to the sound of someone trying to shush a baby, your eyes slowly but surely blinked open. Your vision was a bit hazy, and you couldn't exactly move right away, but your ears seemed to capture every word someone was saying. "Shhh, it's alright now. It's ok. You're here with us now, finally.... look, I'm your father... and that's your mother—"

Your eyes finally managed to focus and your eyes met with a set of gentle, wary blue ones.

"You're awake..." Norman murmured softly as he walked towards you. You noticed he was carrying something in his arms, or rather, cradling it. He leaned down and presented a bundled up baby in his arms. Your eyes widened and teared up slightly as you took a closer look at them. They had your skin tone, but you also noticed that they seemed to have barely visible strands of white hair. They also had the biggest and noticeably squishy cheeks. As they seemed to sleep peacefully, you turned over to Norman with a smile on your face, "Is that..."

Norman nodded, a big smile formed on his face as his eyes started to glisten with tears.

"It's a (boy/girl)..."

Your eyes softened as Norman handed your little bundle of joy to you. Your eyes overlooking them very carefully, from counting every finger they had to hearing the soft breathing they let out. Norman kneeled down next to your bed, taking your cold hand into his warm ones. "I promise," He paused. You looked over to him. He had his eyes closed.

"I.. promise, to be a good parent." His eyes blinked open and he gently squeezed your hand. "I may not be perfect, but I'll do my best." Norman gently presses his lips over your knuckles. You smiled softly at him before you both heard someone clear their throat. You both looked over and saw your friends.

"Wow!" Emma exclaimed, "You did incredible (Y/N)! It was exciting! And confusing... but exciting! Congratulations!!"

"Have you decided a name????" Gilda and Anna asked, their eyes sparkling over the new infant.

"Well, we were thinking..."

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