🍁 When You Both Have A Fight 🍁

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So this Oneshot / Scenario will feature a Modern!au and The Promised Neverland Universe. The Promised Neverland universe will contain spoilers however so I'm going to start with the Modern!AU. Don't worry I'll warn u when the spoilers come, lmao.



It all started when you were cooking dinner for your husband because he has been working late for the past week or so. After you were finished, you set it up on the table for him and smiled with pride.

Then, as if on cue, you heard the door open...

And then slammed shut in a furious manner.

"Norman! Welcome home!" You said cheerfully. Norman said nothing and had his head low as he kicked off his shoes and threw his suitcase to the side, almost knocking over a vase on a coffee table.

You gasped a little at his action but remained calm as he walked towards you.

"I-I made dinner for you! You must be hungry!" You clasped your hands together.

"No thank you. I'll just go sleep for now." Norman kept his head down and walked past you. You were taken aback by his words. You've never seen him so.. angry. Either way, it hurt you when he preferred to sleep over a well deserved meal.

"Wait a moment, Norman!—" When you reaches for his arm, he harshly slapped your hand away and lifted up his head, revealing his angry clouded blue eyes, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" He yelled at you.

You stumbled back a little as your hand stung a little from the sudden contact. You held it and backed away from him in fear. Norman was never one to get so angry. He's usually so calm and gentle. But now, you witnessed a side of him you never thought you'd see.

Tears streamed down from your eyes and you muttered, "It hurts." And you weren't just talking about your stinging hand.

His expressions softened greatly and his eyes widened. "(Y/N)... oh my god.... I-I'm so... s-sorr—" you brushed past him to get something from the utensils drawer in the kitchen. You pulled out a spoon and set it down on the table.

"You must be hungry. I made this especially for you." you said, shakily. And with that, you walked past him again to your shared bedroom and locked the door. You spun around with your back to the door, and started to cry.

You heard Norman start to cry too, but you didn't bother to open the door for him later at night when he wanted to sleep.

Guess he's going to have to sleep on the couch tonight.

The Promised Neverland Universe: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!
You've been warned.

As you walked in your boyfriend's office with a tray of tea, you saw his face filled with disappointment and anger as he looked through a map on his wall. You kind of expected that though. His right hand-man, Vincent, has asked you to help comfort Norman because he's been so frustrated lately now that Emma wanted the demons to live. Norman, on the other hand, wanted to get rid of the demons and make a world where no human had to fear demons. So, you carried in Norman's favorite tea and came in to talk to him.

You placed it down on the coffee table and held a cup to Norman. "Can we talk? I brought your favorite kind of tea!" You smiled.

"Is there a problem, (Y/N)?" He said without looking to you.

"Well, it's not another problem. It's more like I need to talk to you about your problem." I said.

"My problem? (Y/N), you don't have to deal with this. You already have a greater duty of caring for the children. Don't burden yourse—"

"I think Emma is right."

A long awkward silence ensued. If he wasn't going to talk, then you were going to talk.

"Heh, what?" He turned around and looked at you. "You believe Emma is right? You've got to be kidding. You're kidding, right?" Norman smiled, his face full of disbelief.


"Get out."

Your eyes widened as his calm demeanor changed harshly. His eyes flared down at you like a parent does when their child has done wrong, very wrong.

"But list—"

"Get out! You don't know anything about this! Only about children! Now get out!" He scolded you. You were taken aback by this, but grit your teeth.

"At least, between us, I know the difference between justice and just plain cruelty." And with that, you set the tea cup down.

"Wait, (Y-Y/N).. I didn't mean—"

You walked out his office, slamming the door behind you.

This was was going to be a long, tough week.

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