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Child!Norman x Reader

Child!Norman x Reader

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"What's going on?"

You, Emma, Ray, and Mom were staring down at the child sitting on top of Norman's bed. He had white hair, big blue eyes, only the softest and squishiest of cheeks, big eyebrows, and a soft smile. He was currently surrounded by clothes larger than him, which would be Norman's. He looked at you and giggled slightly, crawling towards you and taking hold of your hand. He held it to his big cheeks and inspected it before cooing at you.

"I think that's Norman!" Emma exclaimed, pointing her finger up in victory of her discovery.

"Obviously," Ray rolled his eyes.

"How did this happen?" Mom looked at the bed, then at Norman.

"I don't know.." you muttered, slightly smiling as Norman started to hold your hand with his smaller ones. "I just came up here to inform Norman that breakfast was ready and... I found him like this."

Emma giggled. "It's so cute! He seems to really like you!"

"I guess so..." You slightly blushed at the adorable little boy when he flashed a smile at you.

"Well, either way, everyone is waiting for us downstairs for breakfast." Mom smiled, "Since Norman seems more comfortable with you right now, (Y/N), why don't you take care of him for the day?"

"Oh, okay!" You smiled as you picked Norman up. "Let's get him dressed first."




"Thank you for the food!"

The children of Grace Field happily dig into their meal as you took your seat carrying a tiny Norman, sitting him down in your lap. He looked silently at all the food and people surrounded by him and slightly clutched your shirt. You chuckled softly at this and scooped up a bit of your soup with a spoon. You blew on it carefully before presenting it to Norman.

"Open wide!" You smiled towards him as he looked up towards you then at the spoon. You gently pressed it to his lips as he hesitantly opened them and you slipped the spoon into his mouth. Norman's face slowly lit up at the taste as you pulled the now empty spoon away from him, and his little hands reached out to you, as if begging for more.

"Yeah that's the spirit!" You cheered towards him as you continued feeding him.

"Hey, (Y/N), what about your breakfast?"

"Shut up this is cute."




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