🌼 Norman as a Father 🌼

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🍼Oh Lordy this boi will get so protective— especially if it's a girl, and especially especially if his child is as feeble as he was when he was little.

🍼 He will definitely spoil his child tho—

🍼He will definitely want more children— at LEAST 3.

🍼He is best daddy. In all the right and wrong ways.

🍼Will be teaching his children how to play chess by the time they reach elementary school—

🍼Will never leave your side when you're preggo. Emma has to practically pull him away from you when you try to go take a bath or take a piss.

🍼When you are in labor, soft boi will be with you the entire way. He's smart af so he gets the concept of child birth. Buuut... poor boi will almost faint or something because it's pretty intense for him.

🍼Good with children. Overprotective with teens. Would probably be a great teacher/tutor though.

🍼 When you're preggo, he likes to gently lay his head against your belly, whether it be big or small, and softly whisper sweet things.

🍼 Gilda and Emma teach him how to change diapers.

🍼 Definitely supportive of his child. Whatever their sexuality, gender, dream job is, he'd definitely be supportive all the way.

🍼 Norman would make a great, but a bit overprotective, parent.

🍼 Norman would make a great, but a bit overprotective, parent

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