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Requested by: GalaxyNightcoreGirl

Also this is a polyamorous relationship with Norman x Reader x Ray

You woke up once you felt something warm on your face. You opened your eyes but instantly closed them and cringed as the sunlight blinded you. It was then that you realized that you couldn't get up at all. Norman was sleeping behind you, his arms securely around your waist while Ray's face was buried into your chest, his arms securely around your back.

You huffed as you tried to move a little, hopefully signaling them to wake up. But it didn't happen. You then turned to Norman behind you and planted a kiss on his cold lips. Your wishes seemed to be answered as he softly smiled and opened his eyes.

He lightly pecked your lips, murmuring, "Good morning, (Y/N)."

"Morning." You lazily smiled back, "Would you mind... moving?"

"I do mind." Norman pouted and only held you tighter to his chest.

"Norman!" You whined as he sighed.

"What the hell is your guys's problem?"

You and Norman jumped a little. You turned and saw Ray lazily, and quite drowsily, staring at you both.

You just smiled innocently. "Norman won't let me go. Ray please rescue me."

"No. Good night." Ray closed his eyes again.

"C'mon Ray it's morning!" You whined again, and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "Please?"

Ray's eyes flashed open when he felt your lips touch his skin. "Mmm." He smirked at you, "Nah. Maybe I need more convincing?"

You pouted and cupped his cheek before leaning in and kissing his lips this time. He gladly kissed back, tilting his head a bit.

You heard a little whine behind you and pulled away to see Norman pouting. You sighed and gave him a kiss too. But then you felt something behind you tug you. When you turned this time, Ray was pointing at his lips again.

This was going to be a long day.

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