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A cheery voice called out to you.

"Oh, Emma." You smiled and watched as Emma ran up to you. She wrapped her arms around you, hugging you tightly. "Good morning!"

You giggled and patted her back, "Yeah, good morning."

She pulled away and grinned, "Hey, you know that Valentine's Day is coming up???"

"Oh yeah." Your eyes widened a little.

"Yeah! Are you prepared for all of the chocolates and cards and gifts and cHOCOLATES?!" She giggled.

"Yeah...." you frowned a little.

"Huh? What's wrong, (Y/N)?"

"Well, it's just that I have this little crush on—"

Emma shrieked loudly and everyone's attention turned to us.

"Really?!" She smiled excitedly.

"U-Uh... Yeah." You muttered.

"That's great!! Who is it?!"

"Uhm, Emma.." you looked around.

"Oh." Emma suddenly became aware of her surroundings.

"Ok, well, you can tell me later! Our first class is about to start soon! Don't be late!" And with that, she ran off and everyone continued with their business.

You have a heavy sigh and rubbed the top of your head before gathering your stuff, heading to class.



"Alright everyone! Have a good day!" Your teacher clasped their hands.

You gasped and stopped daydreaming. Everyone started to pack up and leave. You scratched your head, wondering if you actually slept through the whole class.


You turned to the voice but then lightly blushed.

"Hey Norman...?" You managed to get out, but that sounded like a question. Damnit.

"Wanna.. walk home together?"

Your eyes widened. "Sure!" You squeaked, and mentally cursed yourself again. "Just lemme go get my stuff..."

He lightly chuckled. "Of course! I'll wait for you at the front."

You blushed more at his chuckle, before shakily getting out of your chair and quickly rushing towards your locker.

Norman would often ask to walk you home from time to time, since Ray usually stayed afterschool in the library while Emma always had her soccer practices. And other sports of course. But you would always gladly accepted your crush's offers.

When you were about to open it your locker however, you saw that an envelope was stuck to it. You hummed in confusion before taking it out and opening it up. It was a letter.

You unfolded the piece of paper and read,

'Dear (Y/N)

Valentine's Day is coming soon and I'd love to express my feelings to you by then.'

You couldn't believe this. So much so that you reread the sentence over and over and pinched yourself to make sure you're not dreaming before continuing,

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