🌼 When You Steal His Clothes 🌼 Scenario

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Requested by: Potatodraws2

Contains both Modern AU and Promised Neverland AU

Warning: Promised Neverland AU contains manga spoilers so I put it towards the end.


🌼 It's quarantine so you're bored af.

🌼 Norman wasn't home.

🌼 Your boredness led you to the closet.

🌼 You took a look at Norman's clothes. And, for the sake of your curiosity and for entertainment of some sort, you tried them on. It was a light blue dress shirt, covered by a large light pink sweater. You looked at yourself in the mirror and smirked.

🌼 Suddenly, (Y/N) had a great idea.

🌼 You clear your throat.

🌼 "Hi everybody! I'm Norman!" You started to mimic him.

🌼 "I have an IQ of at LEAST 6 million, I'm left handed, I have clear skin, and I'm the best boyfriend ever!"

🌼 "Hm? (Y/N)?" You tilted your head as you continued, "Are you perhaps... on your perio— I mean menstrual cycle???"

🌼 "(Y/N)! It's okay! I'll protect you! It's just a spider— OH MY GOD IT'S JUMPING—" You yelled. You murmured to yourself, "Based on real life events."

🌼 "Love, you should really get a hobby... why don't you try reading? I can ask Ray for some recommendations!" You mimicked smugly. You then pouted to yourself. "I can't read all day.."

🌼 "Hey, watch your language! It's just a spider— AH WHAT THE FUCK?!" You laughed.

🌼 You put your hand on your hip and point at the mirror. "If you bake mud, you can make a vessel! So a boat made out of mud wouldn't necessarily sink." You giggled afterwards.

But then, you heard another voice suddenly. "It's true."

You gasped and spun around to find Norman by the doorway, an amused expression on his face. "I'm home!" He chuckled.

Your face flushed real quick and you covered your face. "It's not what it looks like! I—"

You felt him pry your hands open as he placed a kiss on your forehead. "It's alright. It was pretty cute anyway."

You looked away and clutched the oversized sweater. "How long were you watching?"

"From the start, pretty much." Norman smiled innocently. You groaned as you hid your embarrassed face into his chest.

The Promised Neverland AU
WARNING: Contains Manga spoilers!

Obnoxious space because I REALLY don't want to spoil ANYTHING if your eyes wander too far-

Yes it's worth it.

🌼 Norman was holding a strategy meeting, leaving you and a couple of others to look after the children. It was late at night and you were holed up in yours and Norman's room.

🌼 You noticed that he left his cape sprawled out on the bed. So, the normal thing to do would be to put it back neatly so you could relax.

🌼 But once you picked it up and swirled it around a little, you got an even better idea of course.

🌼 You hold the cape and held it behind you. "Ooh." You ran around the room, feeling it fly behind you. You giggled.

🌼 You put it on and lifted the hood over your head. You glared towards the mirror, "I'm gonna exterminate all demons."

🌼 "That's so bad.." you facepalmed.

"Nah I'd say that's pretty accurate..." A voice chuckled.

You spun around, the cape quickly following you, and your eyes landed on the familiar soft boi standing near the open door. Your face instantly red as you pulled the hood all the way to cover your face. You heard footsteps come towards you and the hood was lifted up a little.

"Well hello there beautiful!" Norman teased.

"I... why... h-how are you back so soon??" You stuttered as you averted his gaze.

"Mmmmm it's a secret." Norman winked and smiled. You pouted as he laughed.

"Hehe, no need to be embarrassed. It was adorable!" Norman squished your red cheeks.

"Nowwwman!" You whined in embarrassment.

"Nowwwman!" You whined in embarrassment

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