🌼 When you get married 🌼

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(About time I made this scenario for this book lol-)

Aged up Norman he's not Norboy anymore he's Norman ok god-

And I guess time skip, but no spoilers for those who have only seen the first season of tpn. Just an AU with everyone grown up and the farms no longer existing and stuff

"O wow!!!"

The girls stared at you in awe as you walked up to them. "(Y/N)!!! You look so pretty!!!" Emma cheered, followed by Gilda. You looked at yourself in the mirror, "Really?"

"Of course!" Gilda smiled from ear to ear, adjusting her glasses, "You look absolutely stunning, (Y/N)!" You inspected your dress, and then yourself, "Thanks, everyone... for helping out." You turned to smile at them. Emma shot you a grin with a thumbs-up as Gilda nodded at you. "Now all we need to do is wait for—" Suddenly, the door to the room burst open, revealing an out of breath Don. Your eyes widened. "Don? What is it? What happened?" Gilda walked over to him as he regained his breath.

"Aheh," Don chuckled, "It's about to start. I just wanted to get over here quickly in case you weren't finis—" Don stopped once he got a good look at you. A big smile stretched across his face, "(Y/N)! You look amazing!" Don said, "Norman's gonna be so surprised." He smirked. You blushed and chuckled, "Thanks."

"Come on then!" Don waved his arms, "It's about to start!"

Once you quickly, but elegantly enough to save your outfit, made your way to the front door to the hall where the main event was held, you took a deep breath. Turning your head, you nodded to Don with a smile, "Let's do this." He nodded his head towards you, and you wrapped your hands around his arm.

Opening the door, the music began to play, and everyone stood from their seats and turned their attention towards you. Everyone slightly gasped as you made your way down the aisle. You took this opportunity to acknowledge all the people there, the friends you made and the ones you called 'family.' You could see the effort everyone put to look their best. The room itself was also presented in a very fancy way. The ceilings were covered in (color) drapes, the walls were painted (color) and were covered with (color) curtains. As you started to approach the altar, you could see your fiancé more clearly. His hair was its usual fluffy self, but still kept in a neat manner. Though he tended to dress somewhat formally, you were still surprised to see him all cleaned up with his suit and tie. Of course all of this was accompanied by his gentle smile and eyes looking at you with adoration, making you blush slightly. Your eyes not leaving his, you finally made it up the steps and felt Don let go of you. You stood in front of Norman and couldn't help but smile back.

The music stopped and the marriage officiant began speaking. "Friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Norman and (Y/N). As you all may know, several years has passed since the age of farms. Today, all humans have the right to live past childhood. We celebrate these two individuals not only in marriage, but also celebrate them as the first generation of orphans to grow and create a life of their own."

The officiant turned towards Norman. "Norman, do you take this woman to be your wife? Do you promise today to love, honor, and keep her for as long as you both shall live?" Norman turns back towards you with his smile, "I do."

The officiant turned towards you. "(Y/N), do you take this man to be your husband? Do you promise today to love, honor, and keep him for as long as you both shall live?" You glanced up at Norman mirroring his smile, "I do."

The officiant smiled and nodded, "Now then, may you please bring out the rings?"

Norman retrieved the rings from a small boy holding them with a pillow. The officiant continued, "Norman and (Y/N) have chosen rings to exchange as a symbol of their love. As you place this ring on (Y/N)'s finger, please repeat after me. With this ring, I pledge you my love now, and forever.

Norman held your hand as he gently slipped the ring on your finger. His cheeks slightly reddened, "With this ring, I pledge you my love now, and forever."

"And now.. (Y/N), place the ring on Norman's finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I pledge you my love now, and forever."

You held Norman's bigger hand and slipped the ring onto his finger. Your smile widened as you looked into his blue eyes, "With this ring, I pledge you my love now, and forever."

The officiant nodded and looked towards the crowd, "Then, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife." They looked towards Norman. You felt his hold slightly moving in anticipation as his gaze brightened at you. "You may now kiss the bride-" Norman did not hesitate to lean forward and place his lips onto yours.

All the cheers and claps slowly drowned out as you felt his lips against yours. You held each other closer until it felt like you two were the only people there. When you pulled away you were breathless, looking at your new husband. "(Y/N)... you look so beautiful." Norman smiled bashfully at you. You only chuckled as your cheeks reddened, "You look pretty nice, too." He chuckled at your bashfulness.

"Then, shall we go?"

Honestly, even if this writing is poopy, tysm we hit 100k reads on this book. I noticed that I made a wedding scenario for my Ray book, but not for this one yet. So here we are.

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