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Norman x Sad!Reader

Some fluff comfort ofc
(Especially after seeing season 2 I mean y/n gotta be pretty depressed-)


Your eyes stared aimlessly out the window. The sky was littered with gloomy clouds accompanied with the sound of the rain lightly tapping a beat against the window sill. The regular sight of playful children was nowhere to be found but inside the house. A sigh escaped from you. You felt a tug on the cuff of your sleeve. "(Y/N)?"

You looked down only to be met with bright, blue eyes, "Wanna join us in a game of hide and seek???" You smiled softly at Phil, "Sorry, I can't join this time."

A number of confused 'eh??'s emitted from the children nearby. "Why?" Phil frowned. You scratched the nape of your neck, "I feel.. a bit tired to play today." At the sound of your words, Phil lit up again, "Well next time then! Don't worry! Hope you feel better soon!" And with that, Phil and the others walked away.

Your soft smile immediately dropped as you turned to walk up the stairs. Upon passing by more playful children you finally entered your room, or rather, the room you shared with others. You found your own bed and flopped down onto it, slightly messing up the neatly tucked sheets. After groaning into your pillow, you turned so you were laying on your back and your eyes met the ceiling. The tightness in your chest did not lighten as your mind wandered, eventually making your eyes water. You wiped them away with the back of your hand before curling up and wrapping your arms around yourself. You let out a shaky sigh and pulled the covers over your head, beginning to feel tears.

After sniffling for the millionth time, you felt a hand softly touch your head through the thick blanket. You gasped as the blanket suddenly left you, and your eyes met a pair of soft blue ones. He stared back at you, eyes slightly widened.

"...Norman." You asked, though it was more stated as a fact. He shook his head at you, and murmured, "How were you breathing under there?" You wiped the stray tears on your face as you shifted your gaze to the mattress underneath you. The mattress suddenly piqued your interest as you felt Norman's curious gaze on you. "..What is the matter? Do you want to talk about it?" You heard him push the blanket aside and sit beside you. After thinking for a bit, you slowly shook your head, folding your hands nervously into your lap. "Hmm," you heard Norman hum beside you, "You know you can always say what's on your mind. I'm not one to judge."

You looked up and he flashed you a kind smile. "I only want to help you." Your lips slightly quivered as you only let out a sigh. You watched as the boy opened his arms, leaning towards you. You let out yet another sigh as you slip into his hold, his hands rubbing your back as you softly cried into his chest. "There, there.."

"I may not know what's bothering you, but I will still sit here with you." You felt his hand reach up and softly pat your head, continuing the back rub with his other hand. "... Thanks, Norman." You murmured. He pulled away from you, "Of course." His hand reached out to you, "Then, let's go with the others. Let's cheer you up!"

Your lips curved into a tiny smile at him as you wiped away any remaining teardrops, and took his hand.

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