🌼 When Someone Gets Jealous Of You Two 🌼

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This scenario / fluff / idk anymore wtf has been requested by: Eb0nyBon3s !!!


Also mini key:
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name



"Please be seated!"

As our teacher went on with the long, boring lecture, I glanced towards all my friends.

Emma and Gilda were the only ones paying close attention.

Don seemed like he might as well hibernate from his chair.

Ray's face was stuck in a book, like usual.

And Norman was staring back at me.

Wait what—

I blushed a little at my boyfriend as he smiled at me, before looking away again. I blushed more as I heard a light chuckle at my reaction.

Suddenly, I heard a book being shut next to me, which made me jump a little. Luckily, the teacher didn't seem to notice.

I nervously turned to your other side, which revealed a very pissed off Ray. My brows furrowed, confused, but shrugged it off and looked away.

He must be really into that book.




Lunch has officially started and boy am I glad.

"Hey, (F/N)-chan!!~"A cheery voice called out.

I turned and smiled. "Hey, Norman-kun."

"Wanna have lunch together?" Norman nervously smiled, scratching the back of his neck.

"We always have lunch together, silly!" I giggled.

"I-I know, but if it's okay," he paused as you looked at him confused, "if it's okay... can we have lunch together... alone? Without the others?" He stuttered.

I felt my face heat up but I nodded and grinned. "S-Sure! L-Let's go then!"

Norman nodded, and took my hand before leading me to a private area for us to eat lunch together.

As we sat down together on a soft patch of grass, I opened up my bento box and started to chow down. We laughed and joked with one another as we happily ate our delicious food, until we were finally done, and Norman's head fell in my lap.

He sighed in content and closed his eyes as my cheeks burned red. However, I smiled anyway as I began to entangle my fingers into his soft, fluffy, white hair. I looked up to the sky and felt the breeze cool my neck and face.

I then felt a hand caress my cheek and I looked down only to receive Norman's famous gentle smile. I closed my eyes as he started to lean up, about to kiss me.

But unfortunately, our moment was ruined.


We quickly jumped away from each other and blushed greatly as we saw Ray stare at us with his famous bored expression.

"Where'd you guys run off to? Emma-Chan was asking about you guys." Ray said, although his tone sounded a bit irritated.

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