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This random fluff was requested by: armjzxx !!!

No au + No Spoilers!!

"Everyone, it's meal time!"

Mama announced, as we nodded before running off to our own little jobs to prepare supper. As I was going to an area where we supplied plates, I heard footsteps catching up with me.

"(Y/N)! Let me help with the plates." Your best friend, Norman, smiled gently, catching up with you.

"Sure! I'd like the help." You nodded and took a cart of plates while he carried some extra plates with his hands.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. Me and Ray do it sometimes, and I always carry the extra plates without the cart." Norman reassured you.

"Oh right," you nervously smiled and walked down the hall towards the dining room. You always loved how Norman was so kind and gentle to everyone. You especially loved how he would always help you with certain duties. As you were daydreaming, your foot seemed to suddenly have missed an important step and you started to fall back.

Expecting to hit the floor, you closed your eyes and braced for impact.

But it never happened.

As soon as you lost your footing, you heard plates fall and break and something wrap around you, falling instead. When you opened your eyes again, you saw a pair of arms wrapped around you and felt something soft underneath you.

"Ow... (Y/N)?"

Your eyes widened at the voice and you quickly got up.

"Norman!! What—" you looked around and saw broken plates everywhere but the cart safely rolled to the side. As you saw Norman struggle to get up, you quickly moved towards him to help him up.

"Norman?? Oh my god, I'm so sorry! Where does it hurt??" You frantically looked over his head, searching for any traces of blood.

"N-No... It's alright. I just hit my head against the floor a little too hard, heh!" He giggled.

"Are you okay though?" He asked nervously.

"I'm fine, but, Norman...." you started, but he put his hand on your shoulder.

"I told you, it's alright." He stood up properly, helping you up as well.

"To be honest, I would've felt very guilty if I had let you fall like that." He smiled.

"Still though, it's my fault.. let me clean up before Mama gets too mad at me..." You said, and immediately ran to the closet to get a broom. However, a hand laid over yours, stopping you.

"I'm the one who dropped the plates. Please don't feel like you're responsible for this."


He interrupted you by lightly pecking your cheek.

"Please?" Norman asked.

"F-Fine." You lightly blushed and quickly walked away to inform Mama.

"W-What was that..." you muttered.


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