❤️ Valentine's Day Special ❤️

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"Alright.. we're almost there." Your husband said as he led you blindfolded somewhere.

You chuckled. "Where are we going, Norman?"

"You'll see, my love."

You both continued to tread across a very smooth dirt path, and Norman's large, soft hand held yours while his free arm was wrapped around your waist. You two had been walking for a while, with the chill breeze, the night sky, and the distant smell of flowers in the air. As your dress flowed with the passing cool air, you thought about how much you have gone through with this man, and how much you absolutely adored him.

"Alright," Norman carefully removed your blindfold, "You can look now."

Your eyes widened and you gasped as the beautiful sight began to unravel.

You were completely surrounded by Oshima Cherry trees, with pink lanterns hanging on them, and a bunch of petals on the soft, grassy floor. Then, out of nowhere, music started to play, which made your head perk up slightly. Norman moved in front of you, took your hand, slightly bowed, and smiled, "May I have this dance?"

Your lips curled up bashfully and you took his hand, "You may."

Norman held your hand up while his free arm naturally wrapped around your waist, with your other hand on his shoulder. You both gently swayed side to side, looking into each other's eyes.

"So, how was your day?" Norman smiled softly.

You sighed in relief, "It's been good, but I think it's only going to get better," you smiled.

"That's good. You've had a rough couple of days so.. I was told about this place and thought you'd like it." Norman leaned it and gently rested his forehead against yours.

"Thank you, Norman." You grinned, "But what about your presen—"

You were cut off by Norman's lips pressing against yours. When he pulled away with pink cheeks, he whispered, "Let's stay like this for a while. You can show me my present later."

You silently nodded as you both continued to move to the rhythm of the music. Then, Norman lifted your hand up, and twirled you around as you giggled. When he brought you back to him, your faces were only inches apart. He whispered, "I love you, (Y/N). You're so... incredible.."

Pink slightly dusted your cheeks as you lightly chuckled, "I love you too, Norman."

And with that, he leaned in to capture your lips.

A/N: Sorry that it's short 😰 I just wanted to do something short and sweet since life is really screwing me over rn 😅

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