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Norman x anxious!Reader

No au!

"(Y/N)? Where are you?" Norman asked, walking down the hallway, past running kids. He climbed up the stairs only to find Ray at the top.

"Hey Ray, have you seen (Y/N)? It's time for breakfast and we haven't seen her at all today?" Norman scratched behind his neck.

Ray pointed towards one of the rooms. "She hasn't even come out of bed yet. I'm sorta worried, considering that we told her the truth... I don't think she can handle it, but I don't think I can be of any help either. Can you ... talk to her please?"

Norman's eyes widened slightly when Ray mentioned the truth, but he nodded and proceeded to enter the room. When he opened the door, he noticed that all the childrens' beds were made. Except for one. There was a big lump under the covers. He sighed and walked towards the person in hiding. He softly tapped the top of the blanket. "Uhm, excuse me?"

The boy earned a muffled 'what' in return.

"(Y/N), it's time for breakfast now." As his soothing voice reached your ears, you let down your guard as he forcibly pried the blanket off your body.

"Oh good, you're already dressed for the day." Norman smiled innocently at you as you frowned and looked away.

"What's wrong?" Norman muttered, sitting on your bed.

You didn't respond at first. Then, Norman's eyes slightly widened as he took in your slightly shaking form. Your face was facing away from him, but from an angle, he could catch the tears sliding down your slightly flushed cheeks. He carefully placed a hand on your back as you flinched a bit from the contact. After a bit, he repositioned himself so that he was kneeling on your bed, hovering over you slightly, then moved his hand carefully across your cold back. After a while, your fast moving chest slowed and started to nestle into Norman's touch. Noticing this, he carefully lied down next to you with your back still facing him.

"..Hey," he whispered, "What's wrong? You can tell me..."

You didn't say anything.

"..(Y/N)." His soothing voice calling out your name made you stiffen a bit. Yesterday night's events flashed back into your head. The horror of learning the truth of the orphanage, loving mother.. all your siblings who got "adopted.."

"No.. stop.." you murmured shakily, tears welling up in your eyes again, with the same ringing in your head, a bit louder than before. You moved your slightly sweaty hands to cover your ears, but a pair of soft, gentle ones stopped you. This made you jerk to the source of whoever was stopping you, only to meet with beautiful, soft blue eyes. Concern filling them.

"(Y/N)." Norman smiled nervously at you, in a more softer tone than before.

Yearning the warmth, seemingly comforting, aura surrounding this boy, you rushed forward, wrapping your arms desperately around his neck, burying your face into his chest. He let out a small grunt as he felt the impact. He chuckled softly as he returned the embrace, running a hand through your hair. You let out a shaky breath as his hand soothingly and quite smoothly combed your hair out.

"Shhh, it's alright... I understand. The same sinking feeling upon hearing it... but it's alright. Me, Emma, Ray, and everyone will find a way out of this farm...."

You didn't respond as your heart began to quicken uncontrollably once more. Norman held you close and whispered into your ear, "Take deep breaths with me, alright? Just follow me..."

"In," Norman slowly inhaled, with you following him hesitantly, closing your eyes. All your worries began to slowly spiral down, down, down..

"Out," Norman let out a smooth exhale with you doing the same.

"In..... Out..... In ...... Out... you are gonna be alright... it's ok.. I got you.... you're here with everyone now... no one is going to hurt you here..."

You let out a steady sigh finally and looked up at him. He was already staring back at you, greeting you with a smile.

"Well, good morning! Hehe." Norman chuckled.

Your lips shakily formed a relieved smile, but quickly dropped. "Sorry.. it's been a rough night."

"It's okay. It's understandable, after all."

"No— I mean... I'm sorry you had to see me like that.. I.. don't want to bother you." Your head tilted down at his chest. But then, you felt someone gently lift your chin back up.

"You aren't bothering me," he smiled, "In fact.. I feel really happy that I was able to help you.."

Your cheeks slightly reddened as he closed his eyes and leaned towards you. He gently touched your forehead with his.

"If you ever need help, or are ever in a dark place... there are people who can and will help you. Just remember that. And I know this might be selfish? But me especially.. I want to help you anywhere, anytime."

You closed your eyes this time, embracing the warmth of this soft, kind boy.

All of a sudden, you both heard someone clear your throat. You both jerked up, your arms leaving each other.

"Well, this is sweet and everything," Ray smirked, "But mom and everyone is waiting for you both. Breakfast is gonna get cold. Don't take too long... lovebirds."

With that, Ray chuckled, shaking his head, and left the door.

Both yours and Norman's faces were red with widened eyes.

"Yeah.. ahem.. let's go eat. Shall we, (Y/N)?"


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