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Requested by: owl193

No AU!

Soooo just pretend Norman is still alive, Anime-Only Watchers!
Also since this is spoiler-free, this story will be totally different from the main storyline.
Just a note for my Manga Readers who know what's up :)

Your stomach has been turning.
Your mood was going all the way over there and all the way back here.
Your head would seem to pound with no end at times.

Of course after having these kinds of symptoms, you went to see a personal nurse that your lover, Norman, assigned you to.

Yes, that's right.

The boy who escaped death's grasp.
The boy who had one of the most greatest brains. (No pun intended I swear—)

The man whom you grew to love. And with him the same to you.

"(Y/N), it appears that you are going to bear a child."

When you heard that news, your seemingly perfect world collapsed. Well, aside from the demon raids but that was beside the point.

You were worried about how Norman was going to react. But of course, you thought, he was one of the most gentlest and kindest person that you knew. So, what could go wrong?

Well, a lot. He was busy enough helping children from other "farms" escape and live better lives. He was busy planning out every raid, and was always stressed.

In other words, having a child of his own should be the last thing that's on his mind.

Suddenly, you walked into a wall.

"Ah..." you winced as you lightly touched your forehead.


You gasped and spun around to the voice a little too quick. The world was spinning. You held your head again.

"Hey...." you felt arms wrap around you gently, "You alright?" the voice whispered ever so gently into your ear.

You turned slightly only to be greeted by loving blue eyes and soft, snow-white hair.

"Uhm," you turned around fully and quickly pulled away from his grasp, "Yeah, I'm.. fine."

Norman looked questioningly at you, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." You forced a smile upon him, "I think I'll just turn in early...."

"You are lying."


Norman shook his head, but his gentle smile still lingered. "I know you're hiding something from me. What's holding you back?"

"What do you mean? I'm not..." you paused.

"I know you, (Y/N), you've been acting... off... lately."

"No, no, no..." you denied, "It's fine. It's alright. I'm fine. I'm alright." You slightly quivered and you bit your lip as tears threatened to spill.



Your eyes widened as you covered your mouth. Norman's eyes were almost as wide as yours, and he backed away a little.

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