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Lmao I'm just rewriting this one cause ummmm

Yea idk what that was ??? Especially the modern AU like was that even Norman ?? Idk I died when I reread it- so anyways

Just a lil silly scenario so no spoilers of any kind really lol

*hc's included with one-shot

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• Norman is pretty chill and level-headed for the most part, so you guys hardly ever fight.

• However he's quite the realist when it comes to personal opinions—
(Like that one time he wanted to genocide in order to secure a safe haven for his siblings—)

•But he do be pretty reasonable so he (tries to) understand things from your point of view.

"(Y/N)... please?" Norman's smile dipped down. You shook your head with teary eyes. "No, I can't believe you..!" Norman carefully moved forward, approaching you. "Please, I don't like seeing you this upset." Norman reached for your hand, but you pushed it away.

"I don't even know who you are anymore." You wiped your teary eyes with your sleeve.

Norman let out a sigh as he held his bowl of water with cereal in it. "(Y/N), it does not matter how you eat cereal. As long as you are able to access it, it shouldn't be a problem—"

"Yes it is a problem. A big problem!.... I can't believe you!" You fake cried dramatically as you flung your arms over your head. "I don't even know who you are anymore...."

Norman blinked as he took a bite, to your disgust. You cringed as he swallowed it down. "I don't see the big fuss over it. It tastes fine." You shook your head rapidly as you reached to pour your own cereal. "I can't believe you..."

Once you finished preparing your cereal with milk, you placed it onto the table and sat on the opposite side from Norman. Your gaze avoided his as you began to eat. "Do you have work to do today?"

You gave him no answer as you continued to avoid his gaze and eat your delicious meal.


You cleared your throat as you swallowed your fill, grabbing a napkin and moving it against the edges of your mouth.

"..Are you mad at me?"

You finally gave him a heavy sigh. "No..."

"Love, please." Norman attempted to reach for your hand again, "It ultimately has one purpose. To feed you."

You pouted at him but made no move to pull away once you felt him squeeze your hand. You heard yet another sigh escape from him. "I suppose I could have milk with it once in a while..." Your eyes brightened and you looked up at him.

"But let me finish this first."

Better than him smacking you amiriteI'm sorry that was terrible

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Better than him smacking you amirite
I'm sorry that was terrible

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