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Norman x Blind!Reader fluff
No au!

"Are you awake, (Y/N)?"

"Mmm," you shuffled around before finally opening your eyes. It was dark. A nothingness. But a bad habit of opening your eyes upon awakening made it into your daily routine. You gulped slightly, before your left hand reached out towards the left side of the bed. In return, another hand touched and held yours.

"It's alright. I'm still here." Norman chuckled as he gently squeezed your hand. You smiled to yourself before closing your eyes.

"It's time for breakfast now. Mom and the others are waiting for us downstairs..." Norman said, supporting your back and helping you get up.

"Ah, we better hurry then!" Your eye brows raised and you quickly stood on your feet. Norman chuckled, "It's alright. Take your time, they're still preparing."

You felt your cheeks slightly heat up. "You're always looking out for me..."

Norman said nothing as he helped you get dressed. It wasn't a weird thing, in fact it was in your daily routine. Norman had helped you since you guys were really little. And you both had been nothing but close since then. Kind of like real siblings.

"Why?" You asked as Norman finished buttoning your top.

"Because, I..."

You gulped as his hands finished buttoning and left your side. "I have to."

"You... have to?" You looked up at him, or at least, where he would be.

"I want to help you..." Norman murmured.

Before you could say anything, Norman gently slipped his hand in yours and gently pulled on it. "Come on, let's go before Mom scolds us!"

You chuckled lightly to yourself. "Ok."

As he carefully led you down the stairs, you heard footsteps come rushing towards you on the wooden floor.

"Norman! (Y/N)! 'Morning!" Two little voices exclaimed.

"Good morning, Phil and Sherry!" Norman's subtle voice sounded.

You smiled at where they would be as they rang a little bell, "Breakfast is ready!"

"Thank you," you smiled brightly. You then heard their footsteps rush away behind you. You and Norman walked through the hallway and the voices of children grew louder and nearer before finally reaching the dining hall.

"Good morning. (Y/N), Norman." You heard Mom's voice.

"Morning, Mom." You and Norman responded.

Norman helped you into your seat then you heard him taking a seat next to you.

"Wow! Everything looks especially delicious today!" Emma exclaimed happily.

"What are you talking about?" Ray sighed, "It's just food. We've been having the same breakfast the past couple of days."

"Food is food, Ray!" Emma whined. You chuckled.

After you all give thanks, you started to dig in. You searched for your knife and fork, which you then used to poke at the food in front of you. You were used to eating this way, utensils acting as extensions of your own hands. With this, throughout the years you learned to identify various foods based on how they felt. But you never needed to worry since every meal you ate tasted delightful. Carefully picking up a piece of your breakfast, you opened your mouth and moved the piece to your mouth carefully.

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