Family Dinner.

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Chapter 26.

Edited: 9th February 2015.

Family Dinner.

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"Spencer?" The front door opened with a squeak, and Giovanni's voice flowing in from the direction of the door.

"In here!" I called, I couldn't be bothered to move from the sofa as I was too comfy.

"Look at you," Gio said with a dreamy sigh when he saw me from the living room doorway.

"Yes," I laughed with a smile, "about dinner. It's tonight, my mums orders."

"Tonight it is then!" He chirped, sitting on the floor in front of the sofa I was laying on. He had his phone in hand and I saw him sending a mass text to his mum, dad, and brother.

After a few minutes of silence, he had told me they said it was fine and laid his head back onto the sofa.

"What names do you like for a girl?" Gio asked me.

"I like..." I thought for a moment and snapped my finger when I thought of the perfect name, "Evangeline."

"I like it," he looked up at me with a smile, "what about boys?"

"Timothy," I said straight away, "or Thomas. I don't know, I like both."

"They're cute."

"Of course they are. I thought of them," Gio looked up at me with a grin but said nothing more as I turned on a movie.


"Alright boys!" My mum called from the kitchen, "dinner will be ready in a few, you might want to tell your parents Giovanni."

"I have done!" He called back. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the doorbell went off and my mum answered the door cheerfully. The only way I knew that is because I told her me and Gio had some good news to tell everyone, and she doesn't mind what the news is as long as it's good.

This wouldn't be how I was planning on telling my family, but I guess it's happening this way or no way.

"Come on you two," my mother called, "it's time for dinner!"

Me and Gio got up from our position on the sofa/floor and made our way into the kitchen. My mum was at the head of the table, my brother and sister on each side of her. Gio's dad was at the other end, his mum next to him, and brother opposite his mum, leaving the seats next to my brother/Gio's mum open and Gio's brother/my sister open too, I took the one next to my brother, Gio doing the same with his.

My mother had gotten a new table specifically for things like this where we needed extra room for more people.

"Well I guess the news must be big if we all had to be around one table," Gio's mother commented with a smile on her painted red lips.

"It is mum," Gio said back with a smile of his own, "but do you wanna tell them Spence?"

"I-I guess I could," I mumbled quietly, "okay well everyone I am-"

"AHH!" Jessie screamed suddenly when the kitchen window smashed, a brick landing on the tile floor a few moments later with the glass.

"What the hell was that?" Gio's father bellowed, snatching the rock from the ground in which it had a note tied to it. His face paled as he read the note and nobody said anything, it didn't sound like they were even breathing.

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