Magic Time.

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Chapter 13.


Magic Time.

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***





"Your mate, money, power," he ticked off as he finally looked up at me with pained eyes, "they're going to get it and you won't be able to do anything about it. Unless..."

"Unless?" I prompted.

"You mate with Spencer, soon, it will keep him safe and I know that's all you want. "



"Spencer! Reece! Gio's here to take you to school!" I had just finished putting on my other shoe when my mom had shouted that up the stairs, but unlike a normal person, Gio seemed to want to see every little thing I do and came up to my room to get me.

It wasn't like I didn't want Gio to act how he is, because if I was honest, I liked it. A lot, it showed him to me in an honey way. And I didn't know why I liked it, I think that's what is scaring me the most at the moment. Considering the lack of experience I don't think that is helping my emotions.

If what that book was saying is true, and Werecats have mates, why is he wasting his time on me? Shouldn't he be out there looking for her? Or him?

'Useless human,' that same voice said in my head from the other day, making me jump from the fright.

"Hey? You okay baby?" I didn't notice Gio came into my room, my door was hanging wide open and only when he was standing directly in front of me with his hands on my shoulders keeping me steady.

"Yeah, fine, let's go," I grabbed his hand this time instead of his wrist, as well as my backpack. I caught his hand only so I could feel the tingles when our skin touched. It would be a bit of an addiction of mine if I carried on.

He intertwined our fingers and gave me a child like grin, handing me my lunch which he grabbed off of the kitchen counter before coming up the stairs.

Yeah, I learnt the hard way to never eat the lunches they give you at school. Yuck. That shit was not nice, at all.

"Thanks," I felt ballsy as I got on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek, my own cheeks tinting a shade of pink as he looked down at me.

Surprising he did it back and made my cheeks a darker shade, but caused a smile to light up my face.

"Come on love birds. Let's go!" Thanks big brother, just totally ruin the moment, like usual.

"Shut up Reece!" I whined giving him my puppy dog eyes. He just wasn't getting the fact that I wanted to learn how Gio was without being annoyed my brother. Especially if it changed the way Gio acts towards me.

"Can't do that and you know it. Well you really need to hurry up though, we gotta go otherwise we'll be late."


It's weird how you notice the little things but the big things aren't obvious to you. Like this girl, Holly, giving me death glares all day.

It was the period before lunch time and I had enough of her glares. I was going to try and talk to her, well talk being the operative word, whether we did was up to her.

The bell rang for lunch, the period had gone slowly so I rushed to get my stuff packed and followed Holly out of the room before grabbing her arm and dragging her to a deserted hallway, even with her protests.

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