Going Mad.

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Chapter 23.

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Going Mad.

*** Giovanni's P.O.V ***




I stood there, in the middle of my room, emotionless.

Everything was going wrong. Spencer was supposed to stay by my side, not be taken away. I can't believe I was stupid enough to let myself be drugged.

... And that's when I snapped.

I picked up the first thing I could find and threw it across the room. Followed by everything else.

When I was done, my room was a mess. Either, things had been thrown across the room and broken or I had ripped them apart.

Nothing looked right, and I was still angry.

My mum walked into the room at that exact moment, looked at the mess and then me. She didn't say a word as she walked over and pulled me into a tight hug.

Again, that's when I snapped. Although this time, I started crying, sobbing.

How could I of let this happen?

But it wasn't worth dwelling over the facts, I was going to go out if the border of my packs territory and find Spencer. Even if it kills me.

"Dad?" I knocked on his office door and heard 'come in' from the other side.

He was on the phone, a notepad on the desk and his hand writing furiously to keep up with what the person was saying.

"Okay," he finally said, "bye."

My father sighed as he put down the phone, rubbed his eyes and then looked up at me with tired eyes. He had been working hard to try and find who took Spencer, more than I could do because I had no idea what to do. Yeah, I was useless.

"What was it?" I asked, I would of been more enthusiastic but more than likely there would be no news.

"Well..." My dad started, he looked troubled, "I've talked to a few other Alpha's and they've said that there has been a disturbance with rogues. They've been taking people, mostly Alpha mates. They think that they might have Spencer."

"Does anyone know where they are? Or if they've been spotted anywhere?" Now I was more eager, we had something to go off of, even if they hadn't been seen.

"Some people think they may have been seen a state over," my dad told me factually.

Of course they just had to go far out. Not like I wouldn't go to the end of the earth to find Spencer.

"Where?" I asked again, I was stood up at this time and leaning on my fathers desk.

"Del Rio, Texas."

I sit again, this time shocked. We wouldn't be able to find him in a place that big!

"We won't be able to find him," I eventually whispered out loud, my heart was shattering into pieces where I sat.

"Not with that attitude we won't," Spencer's brother, Reece snapped as he walked into the office unannounced, "now here's what we're going to do."

Me, my father and Reece all talked about how we were going to find Spencer, we all knew it wouldn't take a short period of time, but we knew as long as we got him back safely, then we could deal with his injuries and mental state as soon as.

We knew it was a risk, but what else did we have to go on? We were getting our best trackers to come with us, we'll, that and all the packs fighters. Just in case.

Plus, my father even said one of the neighbouring packs would like to help us. We said of course, obviously. The more people the better in a place that big.

Then we were going we had our own plane that could hold plenty of people, and without the women or children coming with us, the other pack could easily fit in.

We all left in 25-30 cars, or more. It looked like a lot considering the amount of people we were taking with us,

It was a better idea to go to the other packs territory as it was on the way to the airport, this meant that they had to be ready to go when we got there.

They were, which was good. It shortened our time down by at least 30 minutes.

When we got to the airport, we all boarded the plane and we were off again. It was a short flight, but my dad still fell asleep on the way.

He was exhausted, all the work he did for trying to find my mate, I didn't know what I would of done without him.


"Dad?" I gently shook my dads shoulder as everyone on the plain started to get off, taking their bags with them.

"Dad?" I again tried, shaking his shoulder more. He eventually opened his eyes and looked up at me sleepily.

"We've gotta go."

Me and my dad grabbed our own bags and left the plain too, jumping into a car with Christian and Reece.

"What are we doing first?" I asked the quiet car. Nobody was saying anything, and when I looked up my dad had fallen asleep again, Reece was concentrating on his own thoughts and Christian was driving.

"We're going out into the woods," Reece mumbled, "we're finding my little brother even if it kills us."

"I'm in," I said automatically. It wouldn't matter if Reece had said that, I would of been out there on my own if I had to be.

"You don't," my dad said softly, reading my mind, he had obviously woken when I had spoken and was now wide awake.

My dad took his cellphone from his pocket and had the shortest conversation with the other Alpha about going straight into the woods.

They had agreed by what I could hear, and my father mind linked the people in our pack about dropping out things off at the hotel and then going straight out.

It didn't matter to any of us that we had barely gotten any sleep, all anyone cared about was getting Spencer back home, and safe.

We pulled up alongside the hotel, one that we purely rented for the space. The amount of us there were meant that the whole hotel was ours.

"We good to go?" Reece asked, my father went into the hotel to ask for the people to take all our stuff in, and when that was done we were all heading for the biggest forest.

"We ready for this?" I asked everyone, there was a loud few 'yeahs' and other words of the like, and as soon as we changed into our cats and our senses were stronger, I smelt Spencer straight away.

'Don't worry Spencer, we'll be there soon.'


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