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(New Chapter.) Prologue.


*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"I don't know what's worse. People who lie, or people who believe I am stupid enough to believe the lies!"


"I can't believe this," my mom muttered as she stared intently at the computer screen in front of her.

"Can't believe what?" Reece, my older brother, asked as he walked into the room, ha hand buried in a bag of Doritos.

"Just work honey..." My mom said, waving her hand to tell us we wouldn't understand. It was always that way.

We wouldn't understand and she would never try to let us.

"Come on..." Reece pulled me up from my seat where I say staring at our mom. He was walking out of the front door so I turned to look at him.

"Where are we going?" I asked, he raised his eyebrows at me in a way that said 'do-you-get-to-ask-questions?' When he always said I shouldn't and should wait for things to happen when they do.

I thought it was a stupid theory personally. I wouldn't of gone with, if you don't make them happen then they won't.

"Just be quiet for a while. Okay?" He asked me in an exasperated voice.

"What's wrong?" I asked instead. Reece sighed but started to tell me anyway.

"It's just Steven, and you, and mom. I'm just so sick of him getting you down, and don't think I don't see the bruises he leaves on you. It's just my own punch to the gut every time I see one, knowing I can't do anything about it. And then mom, she's so stressed that she treats us like we don't even exist. But, don't worry. I have a plan, it may not be one you like in the long run, but it's a plan and you don't need to worry."


"Don't need to worry?" I asked in a high pitched voice as I stared at my so-called brother with an incredulous look. Did he really think, after telling me this, that I wouldn't worry?

"Yes," he snapped, "you don't need to worry. Just drop it okay?" He asked, he was leading us towards the abandoned park near our house.

It only had an old rusty slide along the side of a small hill, the swings were broke and the chains holding the seats were on the floor. The climbing frame had steps missing or was broken by teenage kids. There was a small sand box, not filled with sand anymore and a dirty kids swimming pool.

"You remember don't you?" Reece asked with a small smile, looking out into the distance with a sort of air around him that spoke volumes.

"Of course I do," I mumbled.

Reece, as he was older, used to take me out here when our mum was too busy to do so. Some of our best memories were here. All the laughs, pictures, and anything else. In the summer days we would come here during the day, go home for lunch and then come back out, watching the stars as they appeared at night time where we would go home, dinner waiting for us on the table.

"I was hoping you would," he held up his bag to me, "because I bought lunch and a sleeping bag. We're gonna camp out today."

I stared at Reece a moment, we were going to camp out? We never have, and when he's said we were going to he normally chickened out and made up some lame excuse.

"Really?" I asked excitedly, we may have never done it but it didn't mean I haven't wanted to since I was younger.

Well, I wasn't exactly that old now. I was 16 turning 17 soon.

But it still didn't matter, we had never been camping and today felt like the perfect day to.

"Yes," he grinned at me and set his bag down along with the basket and blanket, "help me set up then!"

It took us roughly an hour to get everything sorted with the way Reece was going. He thought he'd be a smart ass and put up the tent with no instructions, and ten failed. He kept saying he could do it and pushed away the instructions whenever I tried to show him he was doing it wrong. Would he listen though? No, because he thinks just because he s a man he doesn't need help from any instructions and it will com naturally.

Till about ten minutes ago when he gave up, snatched the instructions out of my hands and put up the tent easily.

"See?" I asked him, "was that so hard?"

"Yes! It hurts my pride to think I can't put up a tent without help," he mumbled with a fake pout.

"Well you're just gonna have to get over it because I'm hungry," I pulled the blanket out of the basket and set it on the floor, sat down and started to pull food out.

"Yummy," I mumbled, stuffing my face full of sandwiches.

Reece laughed and started to eat also, staring out into the sunset as time went on.

"What do you think tomorrow is going to bring?" I asked Reece once I had eaten enough to satisfy my now full stomach.

"I don't knows but I hope cake, in craving some chocolate," Reece looked at me with a straight face and we both cracked up laughing, "I'm serious though. Shall we bake cake, or buy it?"

"Bake it. It's much nicer, no?"

"Of course, especially with your skills," Reece said sarcastically as I couldn't bake for shit.

"Oh thanks. Way to boost my confidence," I laughed, pulling out a sleeping bag and setting it out to cuddle down in as the night was getting colder.

"You know you're an amazing brother, but a terrible baker," he said, looking over at me from the grass beside me.

"I know I'm a terrible baker," I told him truthfully, "but it doesn't mean I can't try does it?l

"Well, if we have enough ingredients it doesn't matter no, because then I could make a cake that someone can actually eat."

"Fine," I sighed but with a smile, we best sleep then if we wanna bake. Coz you know how long it takes," Reece nodded and shooed me into the tent where he pulled another sleeping bag out and laid it down next to me.

"Go on, get to sleep. I'm just gonna... Go do something. I'll be back soon," Reece got out of the tent and gave me another smile before he zipped the door closed and I laid down to try and sleep.

Where did he need to go this late at night?

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