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Chapter 22.

Edited: 2nd November 2014.


*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"How's Zoey doing?" I asked Reece as he came into my room and flopped onto the bed next to me.

It was two days since I had saved poor Zoey and she had been in the hospital since, according to the doctors she also had a pretty nasty head injury as well that we didn't see. She would be alright, just needed to be kept in hospital longer for treatment.

"Better," he said tiredly, "should be getting out in a few days."

"That's great!" I said, I noticed that Reece's breathing had become even and shallow, he was asleep. I didn't blame him, he did spend the last two days with Zoey non stop. He didn't get much sleep in those nasty hospital rooms.

I covered him with a blanket and let him sleep, my drawing catching my attention once again as I continued.

It was perhaps an hour later when movement beside me knocked me out of my, well, I call it a drawing daze.

And it wasn't Reece who disturbed me, either. It was something from the huge wall to floor window that did.

I was surprised it did as well, and another thing that surprised me was that I didn't freak out, nor did I scream at what I saw.

It was... A small Griffin, flying in front of my bedroom window looking in.

I would of said it were more young than small, actually.

The windows slid open and I didn't even think about it, I just did it and let the Griffin in.

"About time," the little Griffin muttered when it flapped out its wings on my bedroom floor, and that's when I did scream.

I'm sorry, it wasn't like I knew it would talk and scare me half to death.

The scream that I just did, that sounded like a girl I might add, must have woken Reece up and when he looked over at me, and then at the little Griffin on the floor, his eyes grew wide.

"Woah..." He finally murmured in awe. He has obviously forgotten that he said only an hour of sleep, and the fact that he would go straight back to Zoey when he woke.

"Alright, no need to go all awe struck there boy," the Griffin snapped at Reece.

"W-what the hell?" I finally yelled out when there was a moment of silence.

Reece also snapped out of it as his eyes returned to normal, his mouth closed and his thinking face came on.

"Hi," the Griffin finally turned to me and when he did his big blue eyes sparkled, "I'm Ajax. At your service."


"Spencer. I know," Ajax interrupted.

"Okay. Who the hell sent you?" My brother demanded, his thinking face was gone and his eyes now looked as cold as stone.

"Do you not know anything about us Griffin's?" Ajax asked, he was very unconcerned about Reece and instead kept his eyes solely on me.

"I know you don't come to someone of your own accord," Reece said back.

"You are correct," the Griffin replied, but then went on, "I have always been... Destined to come here one day."

"This is bullshit." Reece murmured, his head was down and eyes closed. He was thinking but he had his mental walls up so I couldn't hear what about.

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