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Chapter 5.



*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"What's worse? The devil you don't know, or the devil you do know?"


"Don't ask me why again!" I snapped at Reece, glaring at him intensely.

"Why?" Reece asked me just to annoy me after I told him I didn't want to talk with him during school time. We had been sitting at the dining table in the kitchen and I had turned to talk to him, slightly ducking so he couldn't see the way I really felt about all of this, which was inevitably guilt.

"You know why! I've told you! Because I'll still be the freak and I want you to have friends in this school," I concluded as I looked up at him with big eyes and pouting bottom lip. In our last school, because I was gay, everyone hated me and then Reece lost his friends because he was my brother. I didn't want that same cycle to happen again, it was my fault last time and it won't be my fault again.

"Spence! That's not fair! You know it's not! And you know I can't say no to that face!" Reece whined like a child, giving me his own puppy dog face.

"Please?" I begged, "for me?" He stared at me for a few more minutes before sighing, I knew I had won then. He just couldn't say no to me. It was a rather helpful talent of mine, especially when I needed it in situations like this.

"You won't regret it, really," I reassured him as I hugged him tightly just as our mum walked into the room and gave both our foreheads a kiss and ruffled our hair slightly.

"Morning! You two need to leave now you know, or you're going to be late," my mum finally said, chucking keys to a car at Reece and holding our school bags out to us. When she got our stuff ready I don't know, it was a mystery to me how she ever got anything done. I never saw her doing anything.

"Thanks mum," I kissed her cheek, taking my bag off of her and going out to the front porch where a new Ferrari stood waiting.

"Woah," me and Reece said at the same time as he stood next to me on the front porch coming out just after me, as we stared at the car my mum got him. When she had time to do things like this I don't know, again something else that she would of done unknowingly. Seriously, where did she get the time from to get this?

"Let's go! I wanna drive this baby!" Reece said finally, excited was an understatement as he slid easily over the bonnet of the car and jumped in.

I couldn't help but laugh at him while I made my own way to the passenger seat slowly, only just buckling up the seatbelt before Reece was zooming away, driving the car at an unbelievable speed. I was surprised to find that he already knew his way to the school. Things seemed to be baffling me a lot lately.

"Remember what I said, you can't talk to me, look at me, or even acknowledge me," I told him sternly, even adding in a glare to get my point across, he wouldn't take me seriously and it was starting to get annoying.


"No buts!" I growled just as the car came to a smooth stop in the car park, this giving me the perfect chance to jump out before anyone could see me with him. It's not like I was going to spread around that I was gay, at my last school I didn't, but people just seemed to of found out somehow, maybe- no, Reece wouldn't of done that.

I made my way through the halls of the school which was much bigger than I was used to back home, considering we were only a small town it was only a small school. But this... This was ridiculous even by my standards, I easily found the reception though. Thank god. It was just through the entrance doors and down a corridor, the only reason I found it was for the signs pointing it out along the walls.

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