Heightened Senses.

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Chapter 10.


Heightened Senses.

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***







I woke up to the smell of bacon being cooked and two giggling voices coming from the kitchen, two female voices, ones that didn't include Jessie, meaning another female that I didn't know was in the house. Giovanni was laying down on the sofa as he had stayed the last two nights, and because Reece wouldn't let him stay in my room we had to sleep on the sofa, I was laying on top of him basically with only our boxers stopping our intimate areas touching.

"Spence, honey! Breakfast is ready," my mom called, so she was one of the giggling voices I could hear.

"Okay!" I called back as I frowned, looking down at my clothes on the floor.

"Ah, you look confused. Do you finally want answers?" Grace asked as she leaned against the doorjamb connecting the living room to the dining room.

"Yeah, my head hurts like a bitch though, so answers would be good after a paracetamol," I groaned, covering my eyes with my arm from the sun streaming through the curtains, they hadn't been shut last night and I was paying the price.

"Breakfast will do you good, there's no need for drugs, sweetheart. Come eat," Grace sauntered off into the kitchen with me following a few minutes later. I just slipped the blanket around my body to hide my semi nakedness.

There was 6 plates set at the table but only four chairs so I intended to eat fast and get out of the way. If only I heard the person coming up behind me I would of been safe, but no, I was placed in Gio's lap before I could get a word out.

"You should stop doing that," frowning, I tried to move off but he had my hips in a vice like grip and wouldn't let go no matter what I did.

"But I love you close," he whined into my neck, his hot breath causing a giggle to escape me.

"That was cute," he whispered, I could just feel his smile against my neck.

"Shut up I'm not cute," I pouted looking down at my food with hungry eyes but instead of eating my hands were trying to stop Gio's from getting too far up my legs.

"Mum? Can you help me here?" She gave me a disapproving look but fed me a bit of bacon anyway.

"Thank you, but that's not what I meant," I was so distracted by my food and mom that I let Gio's hands free where they roamed up the tops of my thighs drawing lazy circles.

"Seriously, dude, you're like a fucking puppy, can you get off!" I was starting to lose my patience with this guy and the line between me punching him in the face and kissing him senseless was a thin line.

"I think you should give him some space, Gio. He'll have a lot of questions and you're not helping," Grace reprimanded her son, giving him a scolding look.

"And I want his hands off of my baby brother," Reece interrupted coming into the room dressed like a hobo.

"Hah, hay hobo," I greeted giving him my best innocent look even after he saw me say it. He loved me too much to do anything about it though.

"Anyway, questions? You know, I expected you to have some yesterday but you just seemed kind of switched off," He sat down in the vacant seat next to mine and gave me his full attention like the rest of the people in the room were.

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