But... Who Are You?

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Chapter 21.

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But... Who Are You?

( Has A Dream )

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"Choose!" The mans voice yelled from the shadows.

I whimpered. The man in front of me had been trying to get me to choose between me dying and my baby, or my family and friends.

Neither of them would be chosen. I would try and get out of here before anything happened to me and I'm sure Gio would protect my family.

"No," I whispered. My voice was scratchy and dry from my crying and I had no more tears to shed.

I heard a more feminine sigh from behind me and jumped from the noise.

I was tied to a chair in a room, but I thought it was closer to a wall behind me than it actually was.

I must have been directly in the middle of the room for someone to sound so far away but so close. And the man in front of me who I could not see due to the light behind him, but he was no more than a few feet.

"This is useless," the same feminine like voice said from behind me, this again made me jump from the sudden sound of it.

"It's not!" The man snapped back, he stood away from the light and walked over to the door I didn't see on the far wall, beconing the lady towards him.

She left, I could just see her hips swaying back and forth before the door was closed and I was encased in darkness once again, the only light coming in the room from the window.

I was scared, alone and just hoping that Reece or Giovanni would find me soon.

I didn't like the look or sound of this guy, and I hadn't had the full tour yet.


It must have been a few hours later when someone opened the door, it was a child. Or from what I could tell it was a child carrying a tray.

It smelt good, whatever it was.

"Master said to feed you," the child mumbled shyly.

"I don't want it. Sorry, kid," I said hoarsely. Honestly? I was dying for a drink but I don't know what is in the food or drink, anything could be and I wouldn't put my children, (if I was pregnant,) in danger like that.

"Please," the child begged, it sounded like a little girl and my mind flashed me a picture of Jessie in the girls place, "eat something or master will beat me."

Oh, thanks. Now I have to or I'll feel guilty.

"Fine," I snapped harshly, right now it was either I let my emotions get the better of me, or I just eat the food and stop this kid from being in harms way for a while.

She fed me. It was a simple ham sandwich with a glass of water, but I would take anything I could get if I was going to be stuck in here.

"I'm sorry," she suddenly said as I swallowed the last bite.


"I'm so sorry," she cried, dropping the tray and running out of the room, leaving the door wide open.

Ah, if only I had got the cuffs off this would be the perfect opportunity to escape.

That's when I felt it. I was getting tired, dizzy. My eyes were blurring and just before they closed I heard a mans voice.

"Emily, you could of taken the tray with you after you fed him. Insolent brat..."

"It's lovely," I told my mum as I picked the gold chain out of the box.
It was my 21st birthday and my mother got me a gold chain with a dog tag hanging off of it. It had my children's names on one side and the other said 'Giovanni + Spencer forever.'

"It is," ah, think of the devil and he may appear. Giovanni leaned over my shoulder to get a better look and all the kids came running into the room, including Reece's little boy.

Reece himself came into the room with his mate Zoey.

"We want to give you something," Jessica said in her gentle voice, she really did calm Reece down. Not in that way, he just showed her that you don't need to take life so seriously constantly.

Well, that and the fact he was missing out on a lot.

She handed me a set of keys and when I looked at her funny, she pulled me up off of the chair and to a room in the house, the door had always been locked and I wondered why we were here.

"What?" I asked. She gestured to the keys in my hand and then the door.

She obviously wanted me to open the door. I did, once I figured that out of course.

And when I did, it was not what I expected.

It was filled with art supplies. There were many, many canvases. Draws full of pencils and paint, the walls were lined with brushes and shelves with other stuff I would need on them.

"Wow..." I whispered, "what the... How?"

"We thought it would be good for you to get back to what you love." Zoey told me gently from the doorway.

"Its amazing," I mumbled, looking around the room with wide eyes, I found everything a artist would need to succeed.

Giovanni came into the room at that moment and gave us all a smug grin.
"What?" I asked preplexed.

"Come with me," he held his hand out to me and waited until I took it in my own.

"Where are we going?" I asked suddenly as I realised I had no idea where we were going.

He pulled me out the back door, leading me to the lake that lay near the packs house, in the border of the bounds.

It was the same lake where Gio had asked me to marry him, where I had practised magic a lot, and where I was going to tell him that his fanily would be one bigger, again, that is if I get the chance.

"Are you okay?" Gio stopped in front of me, making me bump into his back with an oomph.

"Perfectly well until I walked into your rock solid back," I muttered sarcastically.

"Sorry babe," he had that grin on his face that made me never want to stay mad at him, "just wanted to make sure you felt okay."

"Okay," I lightened up a little and gave him the same type of grin back.

"Its time for your-"

That's when I woke with a start.

Somebody had yelled on the other side of the door and were trying to get in the room.

It wasnt anybody of a voice I knew, so it must have been somebody new.

But why would they try and break in?

Wouldnt they just ask the guy who chucked me in here to open the door for them?

I'll never know. That's only because a light prick pinched my neck and my world started spinning.

When did they get in here? Was my last thought before I blacked out.

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