You Had Sex?

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Chapter 18.

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You Had Sex?

*** Spencer's P.O.V ***




"Okay," I mumbled to myself, I was in the bathroom that joined to Gio's room. I was in only my boxers and I told him I was ready.

Maybe I was lying, but I know in my heart I really wasn't. I was ready and I loved Gio. Even if we hadn't said it yet I knew he knew it and I kind of know he loves me. He shows me instead of tells me.

Slipping my boxers off I threw on the discarded shirt that lay on the bathroom floor and put that on, leaving it un-done.

And I know what you're most like wondering, what happened about me freaking out the other night when I heard the two men talking?

Well, I freaked out because I was scared that someone would take me away and that I wouldn't be able to fight for myself if someone did try. Gio reassured me though that him and Reece wouldn't let anything happen to me, along with the fact that none of the pack would either.

I took a few deep breaths and unlocked the bathroom door, stepping out into the bedroom.

Gio was already laying on the bed. Naked.

I was freaking out now that it finally did seem real, in the bathroom it was only me and it didn't click that I would actually be loosing my virginity. But I'm going to.

He laid with his arms over his head, and one leg bent at the knee with the other tucked under it.

He looked over at me when I entered the room and his eyes roamed my body from head to toe. My cheeks burned.

"You should wear nothing more often," he mumbled huskily.

I tiptoed my way over to the bed and stood there. My cheeks were still bright red and I could also feel my ears warming up to as I saw Gio becoming... Excited.

I crawled into the bed and one thing left to another and before I know it... We were... Yeah having sex.


"You know," I started off after me and Gio sat in the bed a few minutes after our show of affection, "I haven't been home in a while. I need to see how my mom and Jessie are getting on."

"Mhm," Gio hummed, he was playing with my hair and his eyes were closed. I could see he was close to falling asleep as well as the fact that it was pretty late at night didn't help out I guess.

"I'll see them tomorrow," I concluded. I didn't hear a peep out of Gio the whole night as I lay awake next to him. I lazily drew circles on his skin the entire time as I thought of how my life had changed so dramatically over the time I'd been here.

It was early morning when I decided it appropriate to get up and go home. I just left a note on the pillow for Gio to read when he woke and went home.

It didn't take long to get home either, maybe a half hour, to forty-five minute walk.

The streets were quiet also, which helped calm my nerves. I don't exactly know why I was nervous, I just was.

The front door was unlocked when I got home and I found my mom and brother sitting at the kitchen table waiting for me.

This didn't look good for me.

"Heh... Hi..." I mumbled awkwardly.

"Sit," I sat.

My brother was looking at me funny and all my mother could do was grin.

"So..." I started, "does anyone wanna tell me why you were waiting here for me... Or?"

"We need to talk to you about something," my brother started but my mother cut him off with an excited squeal.

"You had sex?" She nearly shouted, "didn't you?" I shrank in my seat. It was scary for my mom to seem this happy about my new private life.

"Okay..." My brother started, he looked over at our mum, "please calm down."

He then looked over at me, "Jessie misses you."

"Where is my munchkin?" He pointed up the stairs and I was off to see my little sister.

"Jessie?" I called as I softly knocked on her bedroom door.

There was a soft 'come in' and when I did I had to laugh. She was sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor, make-up all around her and her face as well as one of my mums dresses on and shoes.

"Oh Jessie," I sighed. I still had a smile on my face when I picked her up and took her to the bathroom.

"Do I look pretty like mommy?" She asked innocently when I sat her on the countertop.

"Of course you do honey," I took some wipes from the side and started to take all the make-up off of her.

I took the shoes off as well and placed them on the floor, the make-up was off and I decided to show my brother Jessie.

"Come on," I held my hands out in front of me and she jumped into them, I brought her downstairs and into the living room.

My mum and brother were in there talking and when we entered my mother smiled, Reece laughed.

"So that's what you've been up to all day," Reece laughed again as he took Jessie from me and spun her around in the living room. She was squealing with happiness and I sat on the sofa watching.

The rest of the day went like this, me Reece and Jessie played around all day and it was fun. It was like when we were in the other house, and Steven was out so we played around and did anything we wanted. But this was different, we were free now. We could do what we wanted.

And we did.


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